Is Evangelical Christianity yet more Crypto-Judaism?

Evangelical Christians Crypto Judaism
Nope, not the world cup. Evangelicals offering praise and worship to…..Israel?

How do you quantify something cryptic. By what measure do you cast out your chord or measuring tape? According to the metadata on the very first hit of a Google search, to be Cryptic is to be mysterious or obscure. You can no more use a compass in thin air or place a set square on a cloud than create or configure any gauge for a calculation of something intentionally blurry or camouflaged.

Israel Obsession and Zionism

The evangelical Christian position on Israel is not so much a largest indicator that this vaguely categorised but fundamentalist style of Christianity is a form of emulated Judaism. It’s the only indicator but it’s also so large that it needs no other supporting positions. Having been raised a Catholic and attended many different protestant Churches when I truly found the Truth of scripture, it’s not in any way hard to see the centrality of Israel in some groups. Prayer for Israel, a strong focus on Old Testament verses on the tribes and mentions of the “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” are very common in some fellowships.

Which ones? That’s the interesting part…

The Strange Denomination of Non-Denominational Christianity

The non-denominational Christian movement is the wallflower of Christian groups. While remaining in groups and fellowships, “Non-Denominational” Christians will usually associate only with others who adopt the same vague position, shun large Christian organisations apart from Baptists, take a venom position towards Catholics and refute the term “Religion” and define it “a relationship with God”.

Evangelical Christians Crypto Judaism
Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both strong supporters of Israel and subscribe to non-denominational evangelical christianity. Pence does sound far more serious about it than Trump mind.

Services and weekly meetings are in public buildings either lent due to Sunday closure or rented. Seldom do what defines itself as “Non-Demoninational Christinianity” have their own building and there is no centralised hierachy or structure overseeing the fellowships. Essentially, there is no denomination but that’s only from a structural and logistics vantage. Denomination from a doctrinal position is what matters.

The Denomination of Deduction

Having been raised Catholic and immersed in what is the largest denomination the world knows, I am acutely aware of what a doctrinal denomination is. Buildings and centralised funding or causes isn’t the same thing but most, Christians included haven this turned on its head.

Evangelical Christians Crypto Judaism
Senator Ted Cruise, a good man in most peoples book is a devout Evangelical Christian

The Evangelical position or rather the most common soundbite is that the Bible is central along with Jesus Christ. This for the most part is true but Evangelical Christians have a denomination made up of what it does not do as opposed to what it does adopt. Certain strains and positions are accepted and others are aggressively discounted. Take Calvinism, a branch of protestantism that teaches certain views on salvation and the predestination of a person who may or may not be “The Elect” of God. In many but not all Evangelical Churches this is called out as Heresy. However, not just some of what John Calvin wrote. ALL of it. Catholicism is marked out at grave deception and the latter are classed as a group so deep in wrong doctrines that if they are saved then it’s despite of Catholicism and not because of it.

This is the Evangelical anti-denomination. They define their doctrine not through highlghting the usual core psotions but instead denying the truth in what they don’t thus forming a clear modus operandi that defies traditional accepted norms for categorisation.

By this, you can certainly label the Evangelical Christian movement as “Cryptic” even if you don’t hold the belief that Judaism is a better desctiption for their “belief” system.

Is Christ Central by Word of Mouth Only?

Prayers and worship is big within Evangelical Christian groups and Old Testament hymns, preaching and use of “Jehovah LORD” certainly should raise an eyebrow and even a question at Bible studies. However, Christs name is peppered about a great deal even you can feel that He isn’t the core and that “Gods chosen people” as Evangelicals define Israelis arde central or at least have a near equal footing.

Evangelical Christians Crypto Judaism
Being associated with exploitative mega-churches is where Evangelicalism and its lack of structure does have an issue.

This is where it’s important to look closely at what’s happening there. Christ came to end mans attempts to reach heaven of his own steam and with Godsa help. His message was to follow Him alone and His father in heaven, God almighty. Men raising up men is the problem so to even have Christ sharing the spotlight slightly is huge error.

Evangelical Christians will always be quick to assert the misuse of the term “Saint” by the Catholics and rightfully so. However, in raising up a single people who in the Biblical narrative had failed numerous times and been given every archetype leader and system from Kings to Judges, the very first sin is repeated. Adam and Eve thinking they can be as God. The reaction of an Evangelical to highlighting the error in raising up humans will be met with the same anger that a Catholic has for criticism of the Virgin Marys deity.

A Crypto-Denomination but Judaism?

I would state at this point that not all Evangelicals can be defined this way and it’s arguable whether Christ or Israel is the centre but it’s certainly true that they have a denomination, albeit a cryptic one.

Masonic Gangstalking Gaslighting Hidden Dagger

This topic is one that will likely be answered definitively in a year or so. Why? Christ is coming back pretty soon. All Christians feel it and know it. Before that a man will sit in a position of power covering the entire world and a temple that’s actually a people will have been rebuilt. A descendant of David will complete the Zionist plan to rule the gentiles. From those gentiles we shall see groups remove masks from Freemasons to Guild members….and in all likelyhood a good portion of those “Evangelical Christians” who didn’t have a religion, just a “Relationship with God”

4 thoughts on “Is Evangelical Christianity yet more Crypto-Judaism?

  1. Joshua says:

    Only the heavenly Jerusalem is free. Galatians 4:24-27. There are four scriptures in Old Testament which state “All the promises to biblical Israel” were fulfilled. Would love to hear your interest in “craft magic” though. It’s obvious most lack the scriptural knowledge to take up this debate. There is also the constitutional issue with “Establishment Clause” . Both sides of London’s U.N. 2 state solution violate The Establishment Clause when Halacha and Sharia are brought into the equation.

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