Manipulation of The Laws of Attraction

Manipulating The Laws of Attraction Freemasonry Covens

From the very beginning, distance and attraction has been part of the mighty fabric of existence. When Adam and Eve disobey God by listening to the serpent, he asks the rhetorical question, “Adam, where are you?”, because in committing a negative act contrary to the will of good in disobedience they retracted and created distance. Couples speak of “distance” when things are going wrong in the relationship and naturally as humans we recoil from that which we are not aligned with and attracted to.

Occult Science of Vibration

Occult simply means cut off from view but is largely associated with magick and sacred rights. If you’re to take on board that these things are something to avoid and dangerous then you accept them to be true but what is hidden is the science and that’s intentional. Magnets move each other and deal with duality and our nature is the same. How do we know that we are being watched when someone enters gazes upon us without any indication? There is a science kept from us and this is largely the law of attraction. We attract what we are and bring to our personal experience of life that which manifests in ourselves. Rhonda Byrne touches on this in her book, The Secret that gives us a simple Biblical truth that we are dual natured and that which we are through first thought and then action is what will manifest around us.

Manipulating The Laws of Attraction Freemasonry Covens

We live in a world where we are kept from certain truths, guided towards many lies, encouraged to sever our connection to spirit and love just the creation of the world and to deny that which exists outside of it, particularly any notion of a creator. Take the double slit experiment of quantum science. This is a very clear indicator that the fabric of existence includes unseen forces and components that are denied only because they cannot be seen or explained. In this experiment it was first found that certain behaviour of particles didn’t make sense against accepted science. Atoms were doing things that they shouldn’t. When attempts were made to observe the particles or to make any measurement or observance of the behaviour, the particles returned different behaviour that fell in line with our scientific understanding. Take away the observance and they again behaved contrary to science. Basically, atoms were aware that they were being watched.

The truth is that we don’t understand or are not given the proper understanding of how reality is threaded together, the intelligence that sits unseen and forces that exist that cannot be measured. The law of attraction is a broader but exact constant that exists on almost every level of existence from the science of magnets drawing together, the social norms of humans congregating with the likeminded, the emotional distance of couples in conflict or peace and yes, our thoughts and actions manifesting what we are giving out to reality.

Biblical Law of Attraction

From the very first chapter of the Biblical narrative we are shown that a division of light that is good and not only that, it is separated from darkness, that which is not.

And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

Genesis 1:4

God is described as “Truth” and “Light” many times because this rule is laid out from the very beginning. The light is good and it is not the same as darkness which is in actual fact a lack of light but with that a vessel for negativity. In the light we are accountable for what we do and told that we are forgiven if we accept our wrong doing. As parents we love to hear acceptance of guilt from a child and the reward is always forgiveness. Allowing exposure, something only possible when darkness is overcome by light we are brought closer to being in light, truth and honesty as a default state. Children by way of accepting guilt are forgiven and in turn forgive themselves and learn what is good, moral and positive. The Bible sets this up immediately and when Adam and Even disobey God and by way of doing wrong are then btought into the knowledge of right and wrong just as the serpent said, they go into darkness and hide.

Manipulating The Laws of Attraction Freemasonry Covens

And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons. And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden. And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?

Genesis 3:7-9 KJV

Immediately we are shown that division intricately at work. Because God is the force for good and the light of the world, we see that they have created distance and retracted from Him. It’s not an error that God who knows all and created all things is asking where something is, He knows and the question is rhetorical and draws out a deeper truth. They are not in His presence as before and have moved into darkness and distance. The law of Attraction is the underlying truth of existence that you draw near to that which is manifested by your thought and action, positive and negative, right or wrong, angry or happy and ultimately light and darkness, the vessel for all things.

The Craft of Manipulating the Laws of Attraction

Unfortunately it is possible to manipulate these laws in ways that can be abusive and destructive which is why the understanding of these laws is subverted. We are encouraged to hold “science,” an ever shifting vague understanding of reality that’s as often incorrect in its assumptions as it is wrong. Science is simply a collective term for existential wisdom so it’s incorrect to label all “science” as a noxious force but certain portions of the collective body of knowledge are intentionally deceptive. Because science exists as a whole in the eyes of the world and holds many truths, it has that dangerous mix of truth AND lies which is makes detection of deception nearly impossible. It’s by way of this mix that we are kept away from certain truths about our very existence and those who are in the know use this to their advantage.

Manipulating The Laws of Attraction Freemasonry Covens

Witchcraft, Wicca, Masonic Craft and all emulating forms of Kaballa (Qabbala, kabala etc) use the law of attraction to some degree. Because so many either aren’t aware of these laws or the concept of attraction being more than just preference this allows great freedom to those in the full knowledge of it and its power. Occult arts are before anything else, hidden truth.

How then can you manipulate these laws? Manipulation is possibly the wrong term but it’s certainly possible to work within them in a negative way. The first thought of most when reading this is likely to be “How is this possible when negativity will attract the same?”. A very good point and this is one of the first rules of almost all occultic groups.

Rule of Three (Wicca) The Rule of Three (also Three-fold Law or Law of Return) is a religious tenet held by some Wiccans/Pagans and occultists. It states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times.

Rule of Three

The rule of three is a warning that you will indeed reap what you sow and you may manifest negativity beyond that which you put out into existence. This is where societies and covens come in.

The Craft of Sects, Covens and Societies

Because these crafts are occultic science, they do actually conform to correct and known laws of science. Maths is used to divide up the weight of negativity within occult groups.

Manipulating The Laws of Attraction Freemasonry Covens

Although you might find information about “Solo Witches”, unless they are manifesting good and therefore just being a positive person, they will be miserable wretches if intentionally causing negativity in the life of another. These are the basic concepts of occult groups and their ability to manifest negativity on others but not receive the same back.

  1. Work as a group spreading actions across many so that any return of negative energy is small but worth the weight. Brotherhoods and sisterhoods will all at times work on the negativity needed for a cause unknown to them or not one that they have any investment in. When they need it, they can count upon the collective to reap with them and dilute the return.
  2. Where possible, present only the situation for a chosen person or group to commit negative acts themselves. Present them with opportunities to perform negative actions, subvert them into negative lifestyle choices and put pressure on them when the return has weakened them sufficiently. The intention will be negative but if the temptation is acted upon then the negativity reaped by the target or group will be far greater than the presentation of the choice which is already diluted by the group effort of the coven or society.
  3. Make sure that positive actions like charitable donations, community outreach and help for weaker members of society is performed by the group to surround them with positive energy to counterbalance all diluted negative returns. Charitable acts must be genuine within the minds of the group members for this to work so taking joy in such actions and focusing on the work as that which is right and not a method to generating positive return is essential. Thought must come before action.

Hexing and The Law of Attraction

By sticking closely to these three rules it is possible to manifest huge levels of negative energy in a single person, group or chosen target. In larger groups like Freemasonry it’s possible to hand tasks to members without them having any knowledge of what it will reap thus further diluting the negative return.

Manipulating The Laws of Attraction Freemasonry Covens

This is the craft of hexing someone which is associated with groups of gypsies and witchcraft covens. However, along with other occult crafts that manifest negativity like sending negative emotional vibes, this is what is known by those outside and inside of the knowledge as “Hexing”. This ancient term dates back hundreds of years and has a very blurry source but if you think of a hexagon as a 3D box and that you’re creating an enclosure of negativity and influence around a group, individual or target then it maybe puts some more context to the term.

Often and most prevalently in the later stages of hexing or whatever the occult group are seeking to be achieved, separating and isolating individuals is actioned along with an acceleration of negativity both through self manifested negativity and group actions. Left in the dark as to why things have gone so terribly wrong and with no one to discuss what is already unexplainable, the target succumbs to whatever fate the group have intended. It may be to steer individuals life in a different direction, for them to leave a marriage and in some cases to either take on a self destructive lifestyle or commit suicide.

Examples of Manipulating The Law of Attraction


Due to their size and influence, the Kabalistic society that’s essentially Mystic Judaism for the gentiles will move in coordination around groups and individuals through the vessel of business. Individuals may find themselves working for a company that has many Freemasons working for it and Freemason friends appearing in your life. It may have begun with an offer out of the blue that trumped whatever else an individual was doing.

Manipulating The Laws of Attraction Freemasonry Covens

Choices will be presented to the individual that tempt them to break moral codes, encouragement of lies or poor conduct and then as the negativity emerges around the individual who is self creating, pressure in the form of work demands will increase. As the individual begins to realise that poor fortune has become an almost certainty but can’t explain why or reason any solution or way out, the environment at work can be switched to whatever will put further pressure on the individual. As their mental state begins to erode and finances likely take a turn for the worst, more moral choices are presented. With an increased likelyhood that the desperate individual who is deep in the returns of their own negativity will succumb to temptation or have the correct inclination to perform a negative act, a spiral of destruction has now manifested itself.

Manipulating The Laws of Attraction Freemasonry Covens

Companies finding themselves working almost exclusively for Freemasons or large financial gains and growth by way of Masonic industries like Funeral Directing, Architecture and Property Development may find that credit lines all of sudden become used. With cashflow suddenly punched to the point of collapse and previously timely payers all suddenly asking for extra time to pay, the business collapses through lack of finances.


If we are to think of covens as groups that aren’t large societies like Freemasonry or Rosicrucianism so groups of 10-20 then this can mean anything from a Church Fellowship hiding under the banner of Christianity or a freindship group. If we depart from the notion of a women around a cauldrons, an image that’s been handed to us to trivialise the very notion of the craft of manipulating hidden sciences then we can use the definition correctly.

Manipulating The Laws of Attraction Freemasonry Covens

Historically, women have been more atuned to occultic groups by way of their position in the home and inequality that existed. Their influence came by way of hidden persuasion and manipulating the laws of attraction instead of the physical aggression of men. Other factors such as the female ability to physically enchant men with their beauty, menstrual cycles tied to moon phases and their greater emotional strength make women far better armed and a more natural fit for the wider crafts but this isn’t to say that it’s exclusively women. Freemasonry for example is men using the occult to steer in a Zionist rulership of the world by a descendant of King David. The rebuilding of the temple is an allegory for placing this man of Israeli descent at the seat of power over the world. Solomon was also a great innovator and influencer of occultic arts with his great intelligence and knowledge of Egyptian Occult Craft from his many wives. These larger scale operations and roots are men but on a more domestic community level, the nebulous that is Witchcraft is associated with groups of women.

If a group decide upon a target then they will work using the three rules already stated and in accordance with the rule of three itself to reap negativity in a group or individual while diluting the return out. While it might be expected that the group will show outward hatred or disdain, that in itself would create a return so kindness and smiles will be the outer image of the group while the inner workings of making the individual self manifest negativity will continue.

If an individual is known to be not care for returning or doing favours for others then an opening exists for them to self create negativity. The counterbalance of good vibrations manifesting from the favours makes this highly effective as the group and individual are going in different directions.

The image of an old hag with a grumpy green face subverts the truth which is that in the occult world your enemies will come to you as friends with gifts and good cheer.


The law of attraction is something every should be aware of. If fortune takes a downturn, or you find yourself isolated and surrounded by those within occult societies or you’re constantly being presented with personal moral conundrums that have a quaint feel to them then manipulation could be to blame. However, and on a far more positive note than any of the above methods of misuse of the innate form of justice woven into the reality we experience, simply do what is positive and right. When you become aware of these esoteric crafts and the laws that they are bound to, you are then in control. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Freemasons subverting your success and looking to financially drain you or a group of people that have decided to throw negativity into your life, they are the ones having to bend the rules and go to great lengths and sometimes serpentine plans to avoid negative returns. Simply giving out what is positive to those who you suspect might be manipulating and manifesting a hex upon you.

Never forget, your own personal positivity is vastly more powerful than hidden manipulation.

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