Identifying Coven Leaders, Master Masons and Occult Captain in the Hidden Reversed Occult Hierarchy

Ever wondered who heads up the covens of Wicca practitioners or the Masonic lodges? It’s possible that those who head up the occult hierarchies are not who you thought. Never overlook that occult science is about reversal. As above, so b…..yeah, you got it.

Master Masons and Occult Leaders Hidden by Reputation

Occult Leaders Hide in Plain Sight

Here are the key indicators to look out for if you’re seeking the head witch of a coven or the Master Freemason of an area or a single lodge.

  1. Remember that they will almost certainly appear to act and practice as others do. They will be in the same professions and the same practices and it’s very important to not forget this for the fog that clouds them.
  2. Coven leaders and Master-Freemasons will be successful but in a muted way. There will be enough known to be sure that they are either comfortable financially or successful career-wise but never in a pompous or brash way. Anything known of their success will be incidental and they are most likely humble and understated about it. Whether it’s success with MLM, a property portfolio or founder of a successful startup, an occult leader will remain grounded and affable in a way that isn’t common in this age of materialism.
  3. The most important indication that often off-sets suspicion and is a large machination in the occult art of manipulating the laws of attraction, balance and returns within the fabric of reality is this.

    They will be ostracised, unpopular or openly disapproved of by coven members. Hidden under the veil of unpopularity, they will appear as the least likely to be at the head of the whatever occult circle or fraternity they probably aren’t even associated with.

    What you need to be listening for is a chorus. A similar tone to all disapproval or unified position. For men, let’s say a Master Mason within an area who is from a line of the same it’s likely to be trustworthiness in business. For women, a lack of integrity when it comes to companions. Both of these play very much into each sexes yardstick of judgement.

    Think about it, who cares amongst men if another is promiscuous? Equally, women being irresponsible with spending is almost celebrated with the wag designer label culture of today. However, you flip those two over to a man who is untrustworthy with money or business and a woman is promiscuous and you have two very questionable characters within societies norms. The very last people who you might suspect anyone would respect.

    Listen for the chorus.

The above three key indicators are made up of two to be mindful of and one that’s absolutely essential and likely to cloud over the previous two. Why? Condemnation and discredit is louder than praise and achievement.

How Unpopularity is Useful

Understanding the universal law of attraction or as it’s sometimes called, “The law of returns” is essential. When I say essential I cannot express this enough. Call it karma, “The Rule of Three” for Wiccans or basic understanding that positive and negative energy reverberating back upon us for our intentions, it’s all the very same thing. What goes around does come around and you do reap what you sow but according to the intent of your heart and the intention within your mind. If you do not understand this then do some research before reading further. We do have an article covering the reason for occult groups like lodges and covens which goes through the basics. Click here to read it.

Identifying Hidden Occult Leaders Wicca Freemasonry

Fundamentally, the occult is reversal of accepted understanding. To be popular and respected in the open is beneficial in the visible and accepted physical world but being unpopular, not so much. To be a character that many look down upon or ridicule is crushing in the widely accepted framework of reality.

While there are exceptions to this like the misunderstood chic of goths or wilful outcast wallflower types, these are made up of pretension, self labelling and not genuine disapproval or disdain where it matters. Regardless of what more conformist groups feel towards a goth or wallflower, they do still enjoy respect and approval within friendship groups of similarly minded friends, the treatment and companionship that matters. They are essentially inside a bubble of approval that has stylised disapproval as a fashion accessory. The yearn for it and remain guarded within a micro-community pretending to hate it while secretly living out the role of the outsider. That’s not to say that micro-communities seeking to be misunderstood have no place in occult groups. Far from it infact but the topic here is the top of the hierarchy, not the group.

Identifying Hidden Occult Leaders Wicca Freemasonry

With that established, let’s look at the first and practical advantage of infamy, unpopularity or questionable reputation. It acts as a veil against suspicion because normally this would make you the very last person anyone might suspect as atop a hierarchy. Not only that, the very members of that group are the ones who utter the hints and encourage the rumours. The veil works on two levels. You have an individual unfit for leadership and apparently even more so within their peers, be it by occupation, nationality or whatever collective grouping the coven has formed around.

Again, it’s worth mentioning reversal here. The oft mentioned occult motif, “As Above, So Below”, echoes the occult science of reversal. That which is understood and accepted in the open shall be turned upon its own head head in the hidden occult world. In the open world a leader or top of a hierarchy will be the most prominent and visible figure. In the occult, they are the least visible and obscure with their position being the most guarded.

Identifying Hidden Occult Leaders Wicca Freemasonry Spock

Manipulating Disapproval and Gossip

While an occult head is openly the least respected character by an occult group or Masonic Lodge, they are certainly respected and held in high regard away from the public eye. In fact, because they endure open disapproval and a poor reputation they are normally respected and admired all the more by coven or Masonic Lodge members. The occult leaders reputation will largely or in part be fabrication so taking the bait to gossip and follow the staged-reality groupthink in disapproving, gossiping or chastising the occult leader will in actuality be highly unjust. However, vibrational energy is generated by the intent of the heart and mind so unintentional misjustice isn’t true negativity. This isn’t actually important because that’s not the return sought. The quiet measures of anger from the coven or lodge members who are in full knowledge of the unfairness of the conduct against the occult leader they know and respect certainly isn’t unintentional. Anger translates to negative energy…

And it’s righteous anger.

Many times over.

A wave of negative energy hits the person who was encouraged by the coven or lodge members to speak or act negatively towards the hidden respected leader. Before they know what’s happening their life has taken a downturn as the law of returns is manipulated. The individual members are not harmed in the same way because they made only a contribution to the wave of negativity which they are invariably counteracting and balancing both personally and as a group with positive and charitable deeds.

Crafty, subtle, cunning and careful but not undetectable.

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