Oh Barni, Barny The Chocolate Sponge Bear, by Witch Kraft are you channeling Baphomet and Monarch messaging?

He might well be a playful bear with a HIDDEN chocolate centre but why is he so keen to be aligning with the occult and by VVitch craft does the Kraft Foods favourite kids snack invoke such ideas?

Barni Bears Secret Kraft, SHHH!

When we think of the cheeky little bear the very last thing on our mind would be the ram of baphomet but Barny (or Barni) lets us know pretty swifty that he has a secret with huge WINK!

Barny Bear Sponge Kraft Wink Secret

Barni & Baphomet Play Time

Although Barny is good friends with Baphomet, it wasn’t considered wise by Kraft to place his friend with him on the packaging so he just PLAYS like his friend. His friend Baphomet (and others…we think?) point up and down so be point above and so also below so that his friend Baphomet knows that they are still friends even if he can’t be on the artwork.

Barny Bear Baphomet As Above So Below

Barny Chocolate Sponge Bear Cryptic Fun

Barni has a secret or three and he tells us this from the get go with a fun WINK on his logo and while he is on the swing but flip it over and there is more fun to be had with Barny, Chocolate Sponge Bear from Craft!

Barny Chocolate Sponge Bear Occult Butterfly Packaging

Not only does he remind us of the metamorphosis a caterpillar passes through as it becomes awakened to its NEW self as a beautiful radiant butterfly but he plays a little game. Time to complete the maze!

Barny Bear Butterfly Maze Game Monarch

Ok, there is a maze and yes, you can find out which butterfly matches which caterpillar but the Barni isn’t connected to the maze so how to know….hmmmmm, interesting…..

Barny Chocolate Sponge Bear & Monarch Butterfly

Barny is lots of fun already with his HIDDEN chocolate centre and naughty maze that doesn’t answer our question but the cheeky little bear has a trick up his sleeve even if he doesn’t have any…

Barny Baphomet Monarch Butterfly Bear

He’s on the front of the packet with his friend, Monarch butterfly. Unlike poor Baphomet who Kraft didn’t feel was appropriate when the design team crafted the art, Monarch Butterfly can join Barny Chocolate Sponge Bear and PLAY with him.

Barny Bear Kraft Occult Bear

Barny Bear Packaging Differences

Barny Chocolate Sponge Bear from Kraft does have many different packaging designs and instead of hidden or occult style, it’s perfectly innocent. They have different packaging for each of the different flavours offered in the Barny Bear Sponge Bear range from the food wizards at Craft.

Not only is Barny Sponge Bear from Kraft a good fun friend, it almost feels like it’s witchcraft that the sponge bears with the HIDDEN centre taste so so so so GOOD!

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