Joan Collins, Perez Hilton on Phillip Schofield: “There have been rumours of Inappropriateness”

Phillip Schofield and his alleged toyboy lover Matthew McGreevy came up on the morning shows Oscars special live from Los Angeles as Joan Collins asked, “What was the reason he suddenly felt he needed to go public with this, when a lot of people already knew. I mean, we all knew.”

matthew mcgreevy perez hilton phillip schofield gay rumours
Schofield and McGreevy first became known to each other on twitter when Matthew was under 18.

Schofields Inappropriate Behaviour Known to Insiders

Gay Hollywood rumour blogger Perez Hilton also mentioned “rumours of Inappropriate-ness” in regard to Phillip and chimed in: “As somebody who works in Entertainment and writes about celebrities I have so many other questions… I would love to hear more from him” 

Phillip Schofield Mattthew McGreevy Cheating Wife

“I’m sure when the time is right, he will share more.”  He continued: “There have been rumours of Inappropriateness” with that Joan pushed “what do you mean inappropriateness” before Piers Morgan intervened to bring the slightly staged information release to an end.

Schofield and Alleged Toyboy Lover McGreevy Met in 2014

Phillip Schofield Mattthew McGreevy Affair Gay
Matthew McGreevy, the young show runner and close personal assistant to Phillip Schofield is part of an alleged love triangle that promoted Phillip to announce he was gay.

Phillip Schofields alleged gay lover, Matthew McGreevy was 18 years old when the pair were first pictured together during an exclusive backstage tour of This Morning. Young Matthew McGreevy spent the day with Phillip and his co-host Holly Willoughby after receiving an invite for an ‘access all areas’ tour at ITV’s London Studio.

One thought on “Joan Collins, Perez Hilton on Phillip Schofield: “There have been rumours of Inappropriateness”

  1. exmoorheather says:

    Everyone knows Schofield is an outright paedophile !!! What happened to his “crisis actors school” was all over the internet until this broke now cant find a peep of it … Roll on his arrest in the “draining of the swamp”


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