Rolf Harris: Convicted Pedophile Allegedly Caught INSIDE Primary School

UK Police are reported to be investigating claims that convicted sex offender Rolf Harris was seen on the grounds of a primary school near his home waving at young children.

Rolf Harris Jimmy Saville BBC Sex Offenders
Rolf Harris seen here with sex offender Jimmy Savile is just one of a number of ex BBC stars suspected of dubious sexual behaviour…COUGH, Phillip Schofields affair with his assistant…

Disgraced ex BBC star and friend of Jimmy Savile was originally convicted of 12 indecent assaults back in mid 2014 which included one involving an eight-year-old, two girls in their early teens, and a pattern of prolonged sex offences against his daughter’s friend.

Convicted Sex Offender Rolf Harris Asked to Leave Primary School

A statement by Head teacher Richard Jarrett, stated: “In line with our standard procedures, an uninvited individual was asked to leave the outer perimeter of the school site yesterday, which he did without delay.

Reports suggest that convicted BBC pedophile Harris accessed the Oldfield Primary School premises in Maidenhead on Tuesday afternoon to greet a sculptor working on the grounds that day.

2 thoughts on “Rolf Harris: Convicted Pedophile Allegedly Caught INSIDE Primary School

  1. Chris MCbride says:

    “Convicted sex offender Jimmy Saville” Jimmy was never convicted of anything as he was dead before it all came out, and you spelled his name wrong. GREAT JOURNALISM A+++

    Liked by 1 person

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