James O’Brien OWNED by Kay Burley on Sky News

Remember the time Kay Burley owned James O’Brien on Sky News after his spat with Frank Lampard on his radio show?

James O’Brien squirmed as Kay Burley took him to task

O’Brien was uniformly smug and refused to apologise for calling Frank ‘weak’ and ‘scum’ because he mistakenly believed that a story in the papers that turned out to be incorrect.

The story claimed that Lampard was living in the family home and booted out his ex-fiance and kids to live in a tiny flat. Apparently the truth was that they were temporarily housed in a flat while Frank was arranging them a new £3.5m home in the same location.

James O'Brien OWNED by Kay Burley on Sky News
James O’Briens show is a mix of him being bettered by knowledgeable guests and callers and condescending to those he knows better than.

James O’Brien Scolded by Kay Burley

Embarrassed James stated he couldn’t possibly have known that and he was simply commenting on a story in the papers. He also said that Kay could not have know that either, but she claimed “Yes I did”. He went on to stammer uncomfortably that he also couldn’t possibly have known it was the anniversary of Frank Lampards mother’s death and pointed out that Kay wouldn’t have that in her diary either, but again she replied “Yes I do”.

Kay Burley scornfully told an embarrassed James that he should have known better as a journalist than to believe a story in the papers and then to make hurtful comments when it wasn’t actually confirmed.

Kay clearly had a dog in the fight because she was a personal friend of the Lampards at the time. O’Brien clearly made an error in judgement and showed no remorse at all, simply stating that he hosts a radio show and he is entitled to make judgements about people based on what is printed in the papers.

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