North Korea EXPOSED: Is North Korea the REAL Roswell Occult Playground?

North Korea and its secrets. Rumours suggest that the secretive state Korean is actually China/USA/Russia occult experiment base that’s intentionally constructed to keep reporters away and information internal.

North Korea Occult Roswell Conspiracy Empty Pyongyang

While it’s pretty much established that the Roswell incident was a decoy by the US government, sources who have been given assured anonymity are claiming that North Korea is actually the real Roswell.

What’s REALLY Going on in North Korea?

Mixed martial arts guru, conspiracy theorist and regular guest on his friend Joe Rogans Podcasts, Eddie Bravo holds that North Korea is certainly holding more secrets than just a prickly communist state. On a recent Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Eddie raised the issue of the guided tours the strange false reality that’s played out for visitors of the mysterious hermit state. Few locals are ever seen while empty restaurants and attracions play host to guests who are chaperoned between baron locations via unused roads with empty show home towns for them to photograph. No real life is ever seen in North Korea. Literally nothing.

North Korea Occult Roswell Conspiracy Fake City Peace Village
The fake Peace City near the DMZ has no residents, no daily movements and serves as an analogy for North Korea itself. A giant deception.

Footage of North Korea Mysteriously Lacking

No footage of everyday life for the reported 25 million population every emerges through leaks or even state TV broadcasts in North Korea. Small crowds are shown in the capital when Kim Jong Un speaks and stock footage of troops marching but never an active town or province. While many observers write this off as the control the oppressive regime have but a lack of large groups of people beyond a few thousand has been noted as extremely suspicious. Communism by its very nature is bolstered by the strength of the many together working anonymously for a common goal.

North Korea Occult Roswell Conspiracy Fake City Juche Tower
Footage and photography inside North Korea is marked by the eerie lack of evidence of the apparent 25 million strong population residing there.

The lack of footage or even still photography outside of small groups in Pyongyang in a country with a 25 million strong population should but doesn’t raise concern. While North Korea is a notoriously secretive location that is known to be hostile to outsiders, especially Western journalists, this doesn’t explain the lack of leaked imagery or video by non press sources.

North Korea Occult Roswell Conspiracy Fake Reality Pyongyng Kim Jong Un
North Korea Occult Roswell Conspiracy Fake Crowds Pyongyng Kim Jong Un
North Korea Occult Roswell Conspiracy Fake City Pyongyng Kim Jong Un

The common line given is that North Korea doesn’t allow outside internet and that Kwangmyong, their local intranet is a closed loop. Ensuring the absolute blackout of 25 million people involves coordination, resource and finances that the technologically backward, cash strapped and heavily sanctioned state simply do not have.

North Korea and Freemasonry, The Secret Occult Playground

The reality is that North Korea simply isn’t what it’s sold as by any stretch of the truth. It’s a deliberately closed off secret that’s been over 100 years in the making and has involved clandestine cooperation from Russia, China and the USA to create the complete blackout of information and control of the entire narrative. What goes on inside of North Korea isn’t a secretive communist relic operating day to day. It’s not a paranoid dynasty looking to hang on to power via terror and dissuade outside interest with barbarism. These are the things we have been lead to believe and trust.

To understand what North Korea is involves tracing back each action that allowed its formation, solidifying, preservation and ultimate information blackout in the age of communication. The truth involves Freemasonry, Machievillian statecraft, huge deception on the part of the US and Chinese government and dedication to a cause that has been formulating since before the peninsula was even known or named.

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