Free PDF eBook: The Kabbalah Unveiled by S.L. “MACGREGOR” MATHERS

This essential guide to the ancient Jewish doctrine of esoteric knowledge was written by one of modern occultism’s most influential figures. Unlike lesser works, it focuses on the actual sacred texts ― “The Book of Concealed Mystery,” “The Greater Holy Assembly,” and “The Lesser Holy Assembly” ― to offer an objective, reliable interpretation.

The Kabbalah Unveiled SL Mcregor Matthers
The Kabbalah Unveiled SL Mcregor Matthers

One thought on “Free PDF eBook: The Kabbalah Unveiled by S.L. “MACGREGOR” MATHERS

  1. Ike12Stones says:

    This appears interesting, I am curious of your recommendation of it, however… I began reading the text and am in immediate dissagreement with the premise: that Christians cannot hope to understand the scriptures if not thoroughly grounded in understanding the culture/ interpretation of the Hebrew people. That’s not to say the teachings of this book cannot be learned from, but it also starts me off with the perspective that the author, himself is Judaized, rather than being grounded in fellowship with the Son of God through the Holy Spirit – for this is the only True way to comprehend the scriptures (not in understanding the temporal human culture of the Jews which so frequently through history has defied the grace and fellowship of the God who directed its culture – for instance, the Jews cannot interpret the book of Isaiah, as prophesied by Isaiah himself (and which was one of the principle purposes of Isaiah’s ministry) – the only way to interpret Isaiah is through the Revelation of Jesus Christ whom Isaiah foretold; understanding Hebrew culture with reference to Isaiah is rather circumstantial – that is, it is necessary to understand only to the degree that the types, analogies and symbols which the prophet used as a member of Hebrew society at the time: for example speaking of ‘Jerusalem’ with eternal connotations (such as Is 62), to the Jews this would seem to mean earthly Jerusalem, where in fact he is speaking of Jerusalem which is above (Gal 4:26), and other such prophetic types which are misleading to the Jews whose ears are heavy and eyes are shut (Is 6:9).

    That is, by recommending the work, do you find yourself in agreement with the author’s perspective by his approach to a large degree, or do you recommend it because you feel he does a good job in clarifying the understanding of Kabbalah as a cult perspective? (If his purpose in the book is to thoroughly verse me in understanding the Jewish cultural interpretation of scripture so that I can further understand God’s Word, I will stick with my Teacher, the Holy Ghost for that front; but if it’s a valid work to understand the cultic or Zionist doctrine as Kabbalists approach it, I can see the value.)


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