Is Corona Virus panic a tool for derailing Brexit?

Corona virus panic is sweeping the world with the media driving strange illogical panic buying like stockpiling of toilet rolls instead of food. What’s behind this and is this part of a larger plan to derail Brexit?

Corona Virus Panic New Zealand Media Hoax
Pandemonium after a single death? The news media are intentionally encouraging disproportionate levels of panic over what is only marginally worse than influenza, a far larger killer itself.

Yes and no. That’s right, a genuine yes/no answer to this question. Yes, there is absolutely no doubt that the usual voices of discontent at the democratic result of the Brexit vote have begun demanding a delay. But also no because it’s not ONLY about Brexit.

Coronavirus Toilet Roll Panic Buying Media Hoax
The media has driven strange buying trends like toilet roll instead of food, a far more rational approach but rationality seems to have flown with the Coronavirus hoax.

Corona Virus lockdowns to kill protests

While the mainstream media pretty much pretends that it’s business as usual in Paris and Hong Kong, twitter and anyone with an enquiring mind knows different. However, there are protests in many European countries and they are not anything to do with taxes.

 Coronavirus Media Panic Hoax
The markets have panicked as the impact of what is a superbug kills people in small numbers.

Just like Hong Kong where the protests are over discontent with a centralised Chinese rule, the Paris protests and similar ignored civil uprisings are over consolidation of power. Europe has grown tired of the EU and the predictable domino effect started Brexit has been whitewashed in the media. The riots and protests are far worse than even twitter leaks can demonstrate and the EU, a component of the progression towards a single world government will not go down without a fight.

Corona Virus Panic Dr Drew Hoax
Dr Drew has risked his career by bravely calling this what it is. An irrational media driven panic.

Is Corona Virus panic justified?

In a word, no. There is little need to post statistics here, a simple google for reliable information will turn up that the death rate spikes with the elderly which is the case with all bugs and superbugs. The survival rate for the young to middle aged is only very slightly worse than standard influenza. The media and media figures who are stepping forward as paragons of virtue who are “self-isolating” and driving that phrase into our lexicon are at the wheel of this 4 wheel drive panic truck.

Will Corona Virus Stop Brexit?

Brexit was a brave vote and then a further show of bravery when project fear failed to damage the pugnacious will of the British in refusing to be bullied by the establishment. Not only that, it was the seed of populism and a rise in old fashioned conservatism that has now dared to challenge the aggressive underhand liberal agendas that have had their way until now.

In 1933 when Franklin D Roosevalt told the crowds present for his first inaugural address that there was “Nothing to fear but fear itself”, he touched on the very thing that could derail Brexit. Many are scared of the scared of the Corona Virus and the media are uncharacteristically encouraging the chaos.

Corona Virus isn’t about Brexit but the Anti-Brexit narrative has written Corona Virus into it’s stone tablets of mistruth. Whether it’s imposing marshall law in Hong Kong, Paris and Brussels to crush protests or another attempt to break the will of the British electorate, Corona Virus is an early Christmas present for the establishment.

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