Where is Phillip Schofields ex boyfriend, Matthew McGreevy?

Phillip Schofields rumoured boyfriend, Matthew McGreevy hasn’t been seen or heard from in months. As the British press fawn over “brave” Phillip Schofield who appears to have been cheating on his wife and unable to contain the information, spare a moment for the forgotten young lad in the equation.

Phillip Schofield Mattthew McGreevy Boyfriend
Phillip Schofield is pictured here with a 10 year old Matthew McGreevy (second from left, middle row), his eventual rumoured Boyfriend

Who is Phillip Schofields Rumoured Ex Boyfriend?

Matthew McGreevy worked close with Phillip Schofield and has known young Matthew since they first met when Matthew was around 10 years old. Phillip is a patron of the 2 Faced Theatre Academy, an institution that Matthew McGreevy attended before moving into his career that revolved around Schofield.

Rumours leaking from the This Morning production suggest that it was an open secret that Matthew McGreevy and Philip Schofield were lovers and that Matthews exit from the show came due to a falling out. Matthew was working at runner for the This Morning show which involved a close working relationship with Schofield.

Did Philip Schofield Groom Matthew McGreevy?

Currently there is nothing to suggest that he was engaged in a sexual relationship with Matthew McGreevy outside of rumours from multiple insiders.

What is known is that one of Britain’s leading paparazzis George Bamby-Salvador posted to Facebook posted a few claims against the host. He claims that Matthew McGreevy had a deal in place with the Sunday papers to sell his own story about his relationship with Philip Schofield. This paparazzi has worked for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 in a long career.

Phillip Schofield Mattthew McGreevy Affair Gay Boyfriend
A facebook post from George Bamby-Salvador suggests Schofield was forced out of the closet to control the narative.

Was Matthew Mcgreevy paid off?

The question of whether rumoured ex-boyfriend of Phillip Schofield, Matthew McGreevy was paid off will likely never be known. The answer is almost in the questions. If he was paid off then all information relating to the relationship between him and Philip Schofield will be part of that along with the deal to keep it quiet.

What is known is that Schofield had a wife and for 24 years she was sold the lie that he was heterosexual while he is rumoured to have had male lovers behind her back.

5 thoughts on “Where is Phillip Schofields ex boyfriend, Matthew McGreevy?

  1. exmoorheather says:

    Absolute paedophile freak … Noone gets to be that famous without joining ‘the club’ all sold their souls the entire ITV team every last one of them … No doubt theyre all well addicted to the adrenochrome now too …ALLLLL VILE DISGUSTING SATANIC FREAKS !!!!! CANT WAIT FOR THEIR DOWNFALL LIKE SO MANY ALREADY GONE 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susan says:

    I can’t stand him, or Holly for that matter, especially after it was shown that her multi millionaire husband had been getting tax payers money during furlough!


  3. Lyndsey Havenhand says:

    I feel sorry for his wife! If he is gay he can’t have been sleeping with his wife for years surely she must have known something. Never would have thought all this of Phillip looks like he’s had us all fooled AND young Matthew by the sounds of things…Errrrrr!!!


  4. Christine Merrell says:

    There’s nothing brave about him. Sneaky. I refer to him as a sycophantic coward. Couldn’t even read his ‘ confession ‘ himself. I turn away from the tv when he comes on. I don’t watch any programme he is on.


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