Are we asking the right questions about Covid19? Let’s start with 3.

With lockdown rebellions and discontent growing, are we asking the right questions about the global pandemic that has driven the already hysterical polarised world media into a frenzy.

1. Should we be in lockdown?

Conflicted data from the later studies suggests the following incompatible truths. The lockdown is working in the UK but it didn’t make any difference not having one in Sweden. Hospitals are going to be overrun but currently at the supposed peak of the outbreak they are empty. The only thing that we can actually rely on at this point is that the experts and the information they are providing is reliably unreliable. Over in the USA is this has given birth to rebellion protests against the lockdown and with growing numbers that could mean individual states will be forced to remove the restrictions.

In order to reach an answer to this tricky question it’s important to understand that two separate variables need tackling. Should we but more importantly, can we.

Caution is always wise. The UK rushed to build a massive temporary hospital which it named The Nightingale but after being left nearly empty and with no new admissions for the seven days it is now being wound down. Better to have than not need than to need and not have, obviously. However, are we allowing the economy to commit suicide based upon this same media driven hysteria? While it is relatively easy to disassemble a large temporary health facility, destruction of large portions of our economy will produce misery and hardship for generations. Lives and livelihoods are being ruined to potentially save lives based off of seemingly unreliable data.

However, whether justifiable with any data it all becomes irrelevant if we cannot logistically remain in lockdown. Will frustration force civil unrest? Will distrust of politicians and the sketchy narratives boil over into yet more protests? Will mental illness, domestic abuse and concern that we are destroying our childrens future for the adults of today translate into mass rebellion? The coming weeks will answer this question but it’s certainly good to know ones own position on a personal level.

2. Is Coronavirus as deadly as reported?

Reporting on the virus is a mixed bag. Most mainstream media are very pro lockdown with a bias towards hysterical stories of hospitals littered with pandemic movie tropes. Many counter naratives have been launched against emerging questions on the health of the economy. Funeral directors, coroners and doctors disobeying the health service gagging orders are reporting that figures are being bolstered by vague symptom diagnosis. How do we quantify any truth within this maze of conflicted information?

The truth is that we have intentionally been presented with an unsolvable equation that most will find too confusing to question. Governments often use these tactics so subdue us. Subconsciously we shy away from that which we cannot reason and become submissive to whatever makes even the slightest sense.

Is it as dangerous as the rabid media are telling us? Probably not but that’s not actually as important as you might think. What is important for the powers that be is that the great unwashed believe that it is in order that they obey the lockdown. That may end up being for our own good if the lockdown is lifted at the very earliest opportunity but with talk of “new normals” floating about that appears unlikely.

3. Will there be increasing numbers of lockdown rebellions

“As America Goes, So Goes the World”, is hardly true and largely plays into the egoism the USA suffers but there is a level of truth to the statement inso much as the USA does influence world affairs more than most. And they are protesting. Increasingly. Aggressively

The lockdown rebellions that have spread across the USA are large and serve as a conversation starter in all nations. Should we be allowing politicians to decide such matters? Never forget that these are characters who tell a litany of lies to get elected and leave office distrusted with ruined reputations. The conversation should certainly he happening so will it spark more rebellions?

The answer is yes very likely a resounding, yes or so say the social networks who are scrambling to ban information on the growing movements in California. UK, Australia, Indian, Pakistan and other have already experienced small protests and trending supports that this is a quiet but popular cause. With the volume beginning to increase it’s very likely that many who are currently scared to voice discontent will decided that enough is enough.

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