Has Josh “Kos” Koscheck come out as gay?

First off, a mans or womans business in regard to who they sleep with is there own affair… but celebrities do of course sell their persona to the open market when they accept that status so we are discussing a celebrity but not judging.

The big question on the very single bleach blonde Koscheck for many years has been is he the first high profile gay MMA fighter? When we say high profile we are of course referring to someone who fights in the UFC, the largest and most elite MMA organisation on the planet.

Koscheck dominated Hall of Famer Matt Hughes

Is Josh Koscheck Gay?

While Josh has never confirmed to his fans on whether or not he is gay there have been rumours for a number of years. While gym chatter around Las Vegas isn’t to be relied on, talk of him attending gay nightclubs in his native Edinboro Pennslyvania as well as Vegas along with him being open about it off camera have circulated for years. Perhaps the UFC, very popular in the more conservative states in the USA preferred that he didn’t release the info, who knows?

One theory is that Koscheck subtly came out when he made the statement that he would “motorboat his ass” when discussing his upcoming good looking oponnent George St Pierre of Canada. Many took this as Koscheck revealing his sexuality in a coded fashion while not actually confirming anything to the wider fanbase.

While Koscheck has never been linked to any men despite having been linked to visits to gay nightclubs, he hasn’t ever been linked to any women either. As a 43 yr old unmarried man who hasn’t even been linked to any women despite being a prolific fighter, he does leave the door open to potentially being gay without ever having come out unless you consider his comments about GSP as coded confirmation.

Whatever the case, if Josh turns out to be the UFCs first openly gay male fighter at a later date he is certainly a fine ambassador for the gay community despite how much he has divided fans. Koscheck has often chosen the heel role in the UFC which is essentially kayfabe (google this term). On The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC reality TV show where he was a coach he was often very affable with his team and proved a worthy coach.

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