Was Terry Gilliam Shaman of the Heard Depp Trial

On the topic of the strange Heard vs Depp distraction (yup, not a real trial), are we to understand that the entire ritual was Gilliams doing? Let’s break down the facts.

1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is the first ingredient. A book that intentionally blends reality and fiction through the “Gonzo Writing” device whereby Hunter S Thompson may or may not be recounting anything but pure fiction. Note that the Gonzo writing logo is actually a thinly disguised Jewish Hamza…

2. The book is adapted into a movie which is directed in very Gilliam style by Terry Gilliam. Present is the chequered flag/chess board director fingerprint from Gilliam in a key scene where Depp as Hunter S Thompson is shown guzzling down many drugs in huge doses. What’s also somewhat note worthy in that scene is the talk of Adrenochrome. If you’re not aware of this particular conspiracy and what that possibly fictitious drug is then Google it. The possibly fictitious Dr Gonzo who is along for the ride with Depp mentions it LONG BEFORE it became a particularly shocking online conspiracy.

Note the chequered flag/chess in the background, a Gilliam trademark. What is unusual is the volume in this movie. Usually it’s a onetime thing like the chessboard in time bandits.

3. So… after the possibly fictitious book is adapted to a movie which is pretty much Depp doing drugs infront of chessboard sets along comes Rango. If I thought this strange conscious manipulating ritual or Gilliam just pushing the boundaries of where the acting and performance ends, here it is. 

Out of left-field and bizarrely never acknowledging the obvious and probably marketable tie in, Depp lends his voice to a CGI fable about a chameleon who ends up in the Vegas desert in what is essentially an expansion of a hallucination Depp has in FALILV.

This tie in remains a detail the studios nor the wiki entry will provide claim despite Thompson/Depp making a brief digital cameo. I can’t say I have ever come across such an occasion but interested to know of any other times this has happened. A spiritual sequel that refuses to even once admit such a huge detail.

Two things to note on Rango. Firstly WordPress will remove those two images together hence the mask and crop. Second and no less stranger than WordPress removing harmless images about movie theories is that in Rango he is an imposter. He arrives in a small town and lies his way into the sheriffs job. Again, that theme of deception!

4. Now… this is where it’s at it’s most bizarre. After the possibly fictitious book and the Gilliam adaptation with its chessboard background and narration overload… way past Rango the strange sideways moving CGI sequel of sorts voiced by Depp but with all links between the two movies suppressed we arrive at the trial.

This media event come distraction undercover fiction piece with its conveniently woke and divisive dramatic edge is the gonzo (yup, it’s gonzo if anything) come the highly likely staged defamation trial starring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

So how do they pull this stunt together in a less obvious manner than Rango where all but the crew are left to actually admit the link? You go back to those drug scenes in Fear and Loathing the movie adaptation starring for the third time in this bizarre collection, Johnny Depp…. but just like Rango, not quite in the flesh but old polarity chessboard obsessive Gilliam certainly announces his presence…

Yup, Johnny Depps lighter stands in for him in a reenactment of the drug scene in FALILV with Gilliam dropping the bomb that he was at very least a part of the production team. Now before you dismiss this let’s look it over…

A. The Depp lighter representing Depp

B. The newspapers which are an odd feature at any point in the last 10 years representing Thompson’s journalism and and typewriter in the scene.

C. Mounds of Johnny Depp owned drugs.

E. The chessboard background here represented through a tablecloth that looks like it was stolen from a cafe, not the furnishings of a Hollywood power couple… to represent Gilliams involvement.

D. Paraphernalia about the shot just like the FALILV drug scene

F. Drug addled Keith Richard in the form of a CV stands in for Dr Gonzos drug addled possibly fictitious drug addled buddy in the original scene.

G. A man bag representing the excess of luggage in the original scene.

H. Whiskey and Tobacco present as Depp is quaffing whiskey and smoking the entire scene.

I. And finally the driving license. While not in the scene, Depp is later asked to produce his license after driving under the influence.

5. This only came to my attention minutes back but Gilliam for some reason pipes up about Amber Heard during her split from Depp in 2016.


Yup, he actually states that Heard is a better actor than he thought in a comment easily mistaken for snark. What he’s actually doing is praising her to possibly the few insiders aware of this strange reality bending performance.

…and to be fair, she is. So is he and with this looking a lot like the wider undercover work of Gilliam with its constant themes of deception throughout the course of book to movie to cgi to staged trial we see what will at some point be recognised as very daring output and a collective brilliant exemplification of Gonzo Journalism. Yup, we arrive back where we started. A style of writing whereby the lines of factual account and fiction are blurred under the banner of a hidden Hamsa Hand logo.

Love you Hollywood x

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