Tsimtsum Hidden Eyes Tetragrammaton

Tsimtsum and the Ein-Soph, Witch Aesthetic Concealing and Revealing the Ram in Thicket

Tsimtsum, the hidden face of deity and idolotry within Hasidic Judiasm has re-emerged in the not so well hidden Wicca alters. Revealed and then concealed face of the ein-soph revealed.

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Devilish Mickey Rourke: Angel Heart Review

80s cinema has that so sincerity that back in the day, almost all directors could not even consider the idea of special effects andCGI. Movies were rebelling against the hip vibe of 70s and just featured people in daft costumes, going through the paces. There was a crass beauty to it that a lot of … Continue reading Devilish Mickey Rourke: Angel Heart Review