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Ready Player One – Spielberg CGI Esoteric Excellence

Although the excessive story changes might be tough for book purists to accept, Steven Spielberg has lovingly crafted a densely coded piece of cinematic magick that captures the zeitgeist of '80s nostalgia. A screen alchemist of the highest order, Cinematic Grandpa Spielberg brings his own subtle trademark style to the visuals. To those expecting a faithful or accurate adaptation, … Continue reading Ready Player One – Spielberg CGI Esoteric Excellence

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Mickey Rourkes Cursed Face

Mickey Rourke was once the up and coming leading man in Hollywood. Having his start with Spielberg in 1941 (the movie, not the year) and then starring in the Alan Parker cult classic Angelheart it seemed that nothing could go wrong.... Looks, a beautiful Goddess on his arm in Carre Otis, what could go wrong? … Continue reading Mickey Rourkes Cursed Face