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Don’t take this website seriously. It’s full of things you probably should know, might not care but don’t get stressed out by any of it. True or not and I say it is, this is just my view of this funny world, movies and whatever else I think to put up here.

cOnPIRAcy ThEories?

You would be amazed at how some things that are rumoured are actually true and the same about alot of what is told to us. I look chewing over that type of thing. What will we think of ourselves 15 years from now? Will we have accidentally pulled Kali through the Cern Hadron Collider thing? Is Mickey Rourke really the next Marlon Brando and such a an extreme method actor that he gave his face to someone else who needed a face transplant and is continuing his career from beyond the grave using someone elses body? Isn’t that a little like the movie Angel Heart?

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Whether it’s Kabbala directors, Cabals of actors rocking owl and phoenix tattoos or Phoenix cults rising from the ashes and is below as above or above so below, let’s have a little fun with it. No one can change it if the richest people in the world are aliens and so what if Phoenix looks like little Egypt circe 3000BC with all of it’s pyramids.

Esoteric Hollywood Blog
Esoteric Hollywood Witchcraft

I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say on these matters that may or may not be true and since most of it is superrich people in high places, let’s prepare a fresh tin foil hat, a hot cup of coco and marvel at the gay renaissance artists getting revenge on the catholic church for their views on homosexuality by turning Jesus into a very feminine man and painting naked men over everything in site in the vatican.

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I look at everything from God in the garden of Eden and the baffling amount of subtext to what Jonah in the whale actually means.

Movies with agenda from the likes of Spielberg to Stanley Kubrick hiding owls all the place, let’s share stories and enjoy it.

Adam and Eve Hidden Meaning
Adam and Eve Hidden Meaning

Remember to be polite, keep this as enjoyable and to share what you think and what you know even if you think it’s the silliest thing in the cosmos. Trust me, I have some loony theories on here and I actually believe them!
In all sincerity, be polite and if you take issue with anything then drop me an email and I apologise in advance.

Want to know where this end up?

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