Look closer…

Confused? Aren’t we all. Somewhere in there is some order…it’s just also chaos unfortunately…



Welcome. Glad to have you here. I am absolutely no one of ANY importance but I enjoy scraping the word for TRUTH and find a level of success.





Let’s be honest. Really honest. Something is brewing, it might not be a flat earth (be rather cool if it was though) and the Illuminati is more of a lack of diagnosis than a factual thing.

However, there is a little something something  in the air as we draw near to the end of this decade.

Mans Life MagazineThese are mostlt my own personal findings through excessive movie watching as a child and a very OCD mind that seeks to know the subtext if it’s there. Not just movies mind you. That renaissance art holds some secrets and you might end up finding some of your own if you tune your ear to this weird world.


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