London/Paris Protests Ignored by MMM, Daily Mail Refuses Comments Due to Support

Has it really come to this? A shutdown of information, crafty conflicted statistics and demonising of protestors exercising a constitutional right to protest?

London Lockdown Protests

Shocking London Police Brutality

As concerned citizens and small business owners exercised their right to freedoms and public protest, police showed no remorse in brutally cracking down on protestors. As the numbers of protestors attending the London marches has increased since they began in August, so too has the cold response by police.

Reports of protestors attacked without provocation, random arrests made to scare people back and what appears to be a new world protocol on how to deal with voices that do not align with the Government narrative.

Paris Protests Swell Again

After new laws were proposed in Paris to stop police being filmed and published by the news media and those on social media, French protestors again took to the streets to march against these draconian new proposals. Protests that were originally organised by restaurant owners throughout France gained momentum when the laws were proposed and supported by the hugely unpopular sitting government headed up by Emmanuel Macron.

Daily Mail Shuts Down Comments

The divisive and more often Government lead Daily Mail refused comments on their top story covering the protests before allowing them a day later due to reader outcries on social media. The story originally published on the 28th November midday was swiftly edited to allow comment the following day after readers bombarded other comments sections with complaints and took to social media to protest what appeared to be silencing of supporting voices.

BBC Ignores Protests, Covers Traffic

Once again, the BBC has shown its true colours in refusing the cover the huge protests in London as they happened. Choosing to only cover traffic warnings into the city in order to dissuade protestors from attending the marches. Delivering only a very partisan report hours later calling the protestors “Right Wing”, the BBC has shown itself once again to be the very enemy of freedom of speech.

18 thoughts on “London/Paris Protests Ignored by MMM, Daily Mail Refuses Comments Due to Support

  1. researchorganizedgangstalking says:


    Yes, it has come to this. WordPress just deplatformed my blog for naming police, retired police, and their many associates in the NGOs who gang stalk dissidents.

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