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Discover the secrets of angelic power. The angels are ready to listen and ready to work for you. All you have to do is ask in the right way. The 72 Angels of Magick brings together the content of Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels. For the first time, all the information is included in one volume. If you already own those books, you don’t need this one. If you’re new to angel magick, everything you need for success is here. When you contact the angels listed in this book you will have the power to dominate success and fortune, obtain what you wish, protect yourself and stop enemies. These mighty angels can be contacted easily, instructed directly and will gladly fulfill your desires. You don’t need to believe anything or belong to any religion. You don’t need to be pure or worthy. All you need is a strong desire for something to change in your world. If you have that desire, the angels will take you where you want to go. It is their purpose to give you the power to express the life you dream of living. Whether you are seeking fame, money, wisdom, healing or peace, the angelic powers can help you to improve your life in the ways that matter to you most. The angels in this book can help you to carry out difficult tasks, strengthen your will power and increase your popularity. You can attract love, find harmony, increase fame, find strength, break through adversity, sleep well, heal yourself and obtain clear thought. There are angelic powers that enable you to invent, discover new methods, improve your business and find new supporters. You can increase the loyalty of friends and lovers. The power to improve prosperity, win awards, write well, be stable, reduce anxiety, learn easily, understand in new ways and dominate strong personalities is at your hand. The angels can help you to excite new passion, discover more about yourself and see the past, present and future with clarity. They will protect, uncover truth, stop liars, inspire artists and spread the word about your creative works. Debtors can be made to pay up. You can turn enemies into friends. Whether you are making deals, learning a trade, trying to pass exams or working to increase your income, these angels can bring the help you need. You will discover: A unique talisman that opens the gateway to angelic contact The Words of Power that establish an angelic connection Seventy-Two unique sigils for contacting angels Over two hundred angelic powers that can be used in thousands of ways Information on how to choose the right angel Methods for communicating directly with angels Ancient secrets for contacting angels that can’t be found anywhere else.

One thought on “The 72 Angels of Magick Free PDF eBook Download

  1. Daniel M says:

    Alright man this is deception. 72 is representative of the Angels who followed Lucifer. That’s why in the End times, there will be a 144,000 left to preach the word of our Lord God.

    216 is the number of the beast, revelations 13 says it will take wisdom and calculation. 6x6x6=216. 1/3 of 216 is 72…

    The Zohar was published on Aug 4th 1588, the 216th day.

    The Anti christ was also born on the 216th day. Aug 4th 1961. His name is an anagram in the 216th chapter of the Bible, Judges 4:6.

    The God in the Kabbalah is Ein Sof, has a gematia value of 68 as does the beast name, Barack Obama. Baphomets Greek name is Sophia, Atbash cipher decode. Sophia also has 68.

    Pistis of Sophia references psalms 68 as the verse of the the Christ(Anti Christ)return. Check out the Lucius Trust. Psalms 68 is to the lord of music, See Lucifer fall, he was the lord of music. Elohim is a word that has many meanings in the Bible. Elohim is Lucifer before the Fall.

    There is also an RFID chip, NTAG 216. NTAG= 42, could that be the 42 months the beast rules…

    216 is the cubed number, see Plato. He also has a play about the Sophist, go read the synopsis…

    You will see this Cube of power play out in many movies. The most obvious representation is Justice league. But it’s in Transformers, Avengers, and many more.


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