Was Piers Morgan vs Meghan Markle a PR Stunt?

As the dust settles on what has overtaken social media for a number of days in UK, a few truth certain truths have emerged. Could it be that this was a preplanned PR stunt to launch the him as an even more visible contentious crusader in our current cultural cold war?

Piers Morgans stock just rocketed

First and foremost, Piers is now an even bigger household name albeit with some infamy with more than a few demographics. With his sons already claiming that the social media created bubble is falsified and calling a “Team Piers” group to arms there is no doubt that the spotlight is very much on Piers Morgan and where he will end up next if he doesn’t decide to retire. Wherever that may be you can guarantee that he will take massive viewership with him.

From the French Succès de scandale to the commonly used adage, there is no such thing as bad publicity it’s clear that Piers Morgan vs Meghan Merkle will probably end up validating these phrases.

Piers Morgan will make lots of money

As of today, Piers Morgans book Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts has shot to #2 on Amazon UKs best sellers. The now unemployed Piers Morgan will be making more money than he was before he left ITV. Not only that but with Good Morning Britains viewership likely to take a massive dive it’s very likely that every network will be seeking to pick him up and make the gain that ITV have lost. While it may seem that Piers Morgan came away from this a dejected man that lasted about as long as it took him to disappear off of camera.

Piers Morgan PR Stunt ITV
Piers Morgan PR Stunt ITV

Make no mistake, if this entire affair is viewed only as a business move then it was very successful for Piers and wherever he ends up should he continue his broadcasting career

Piers Morgan and Alex Beresford are professionals

Over the course of a number of months and possibly a full year Alex Beresford and Piers Morgan have been ramping up the banter. Anyone in TV production can tell you that these sorts of spats are in most cases preplanned and when they are not they are reigned in by a producer. However, it’s also very rare for presenters to simply go off in this way and ditch all professionalism in favour of public bickering in front of the entire nation.

There was a slow build up to this spat that pretty much did what was intended for ratings, advertising revenue (ITV earn from the online advertising related to the offending clip) and Piers Morgans career. One could call this a crescendo that producers watched over and approved of quite simply because all behaviour on such shows is carefully planned out beforehand with preplanned gags and questions. In short, very little is natural and organic on TV of this sort. It’s very much a performance in the same way that “Reality TV” isn’t really reality as participants are handpicked archetypes, certain behaviour is encouraged and editing is used to control the narrative.

When we are to look back at similar antics by comedians Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G or Borat and before than Andy Kaufman with his many staged beefs, no one at the time suspected that they were staged. In both cases their careers were launched off the back of the car crash nature we saw as reality but time revealed as a mockumentary.

So was it all just a replanned gimmick?

In our honest opinion at alltruth.exposed, this was very likely staged. When one looks at all elements involved and the outcomes you can only really come to that conclusion. Morgan is now a much sought after figure should he decide to continue his career but if not he is already far richer than he was only a few days back. Two seasoned professionals simply wouldn’t act in this way unless is was sanctioned nor would the producers allow the animosity to gain in traction over a number of months proceeding this. Also, due to UK regulations and the licences that can be lost due to breaking quite stringent day time rules, live TV is tightly controlled with guests and presenters kept to a very rigid script. A good example would be sports commentary

Whatever happens on TV is meant to happen and even when it is portrayed as reality it is in almost all cases nothing more than a Shakespearian play within a play.

4 thoughts on “Was Piers Morgan vs Meghan Markle a PR Stunt?

  1. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes says:

    I believe it was staged, whether it was by ITV or Morgan, I think it was purely by Morgan, as much as I dislike him, he is intelligent and has weathered alot worse than what happened. From what I can glean, he is self employed but his contract might have some sort of get out clause, if they both agree.

    There is meant to be a new news channel coming and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him on that

    Liked by 1 person

  2. George says:

    I for one will not miss Piers Morgan, while I did agree with most of his thinking, what a relief
    not to have to try to make sense of the way He would make a Point and then Not let the
    the person being interviewed Not to have his reply listened to.
    after the first 5 minutes, it all got too much and the interview achieved Nothing
    Only the viewer Having a Big Head Ache and ending up switching off and as far as
    the continuous Interuptions by his co-Host being able to talk forever without taking a Breath
    Left me with the wish to Go to the Silent Button George Page Brockenhurst


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