Corona Virus Figures Caged Humans Battery Farm

On the Corona Virus, a call for calm critical consideration

Humans are submitting to a 1984 Orwellian dictatorship as through cowardice and confusion we self imprison ourselves and selfishly destroy tomorrow for today.

Jehovahs Witness Cult Brainwashing

Warning: Basic Religious Cult Brainwashing Techniques & Stages

Through media and movies  many people see brainwashing as an evil practice that is done by those who are trying to corrupt, influence, or to gain power. This isn't entirely unture. Others who believe in the power of brainwashing hold that people all around them are trying to control their minds and their behaviour. For … Continue reading Warning: Basic Religious Cult Brainwashing Techniques & Stages

Jehovahs Witness Black Ops: Fake “Ex Jehovahs Witnesses”, infiltrating and disrupting Christian Fellowships

Are ex Jehovahs Witnesses infiltrating your Christian fellowship? Check our list of signs for the JW Trojan Horse attack on Christianity. Jehovahs Witness are seemingly joining their close relatives the Freemasons with black ops that subvert Christianity.