Distortion to Reality: Freemasons, Gaslighting and Gangstalking

How can two things that work almost completely in the shadows be easily tied together? The allegedly impossible to detect Gangstalking and its single player cousin Gaslighting are often linked with the Mystic Judaism based secret society, The Freemasons. An undetectable psychological attack that thrives off of its facelessness and an age old society that have huge membership but have somehow managed to actually conceal their identity for what could be over 3000 years depending on what you take as real. We look at the links between reports of Freemason behaviour and the silent psychological dagger of Gangstalking and Gaslighting.

Masonic Gangstalking, a distorted reality?

Masonic Gangstalking Gaslighting Hidden Dagger

Distortion of reality for a hapless victim or an actual distortion of reality? Whether you believe Freemasons to just be a quirkcharitable organisation who love privacy, anthropological faces, aprons and Israel or a malevolent manipulative cult who are steering the future of the planet (USA and Philippines have had almost exclusively Freemason Presidents for over 150 years now so it’s not without basis), it’s always best to take a step back and know that truth is often mixed with lies when it comes to secret societies.

The Freemasons are rumoured to deal with their enemies via systems that subvert success within lives. It’s said that by way of recruiting non-Masons and others by poisoning the character of the victim, they dismantle and occupy the life of someone considered a threat or an annoyance. Rumours of what’s known as “Masonic White Glove Treatment”, “”Silent Dagger” and “Slow Dagger” is a method by which Freemasons slowly take control of a victims life and build up a small group or helpers that ultimately all assist in destroying their finances, friendships and own self worth.

The Gangstalked Englishman

One account was of an Englishman who unbeknown to him had a wife who was a member of “The Daughters of Job”, or one of the other many female Masonic Fraternities practising Mystic Judaism (Kabballa). The marriage went sour and for reasons unknown, she didn’t want a divorce but wanted rid of him. Fights were instigated by her which backfired when she got arrested instead of the usual female position of shouting about spousal abuse. They reconciled and over the course of the next few years she took him inside a community of Crypto-Judaism practising Christians and by subtlty and stealth isolated him from Family and friends while they introduced Freemason friends and work colleagues thus cornering him.

Masonic Gangstalking Gaslighting Hidden Dagger

Normally such a thing would go undetected and it would all be chalked upto very poor luck but he began studying topics relating to her odd looking Christianity and worked out what was being done. Although very deep into the gangstalking, he was ready when the plan began to accelerate into the final controlled, undetected demolition of his life. He released the account anonymously and because of this it cannot be described as gospel but many read it and began to understand what they were experiencing.

What was most terrifying in the account was the variation of helpers. A family member, Christian groups who came with a smile and Freemasons exclusively becoming his small businesses cliental. From finances to spirituality to friends he was surrounded and what would normally have been an undetectable murder became a near escape

Masonic Gaslighting, Paranoia or Paranoia on demand

Gaslighting is the cousin of Gangstalking. Instead of going for the life setup of the individual and performing a sort of Trojan Horse mauling like Masonic Gangstalking, Gaslighting is the destruction of the person thus rendering them unable to combat or comprehend the eventual collapse. Subtle psychological games that destroy the victims personal self worth and perception of reality. The two pronged attack that is Masonic Gaslighting and Gangstalking is like binding someone while you have set a fire in another room of their house. A potent cocktail of fatal actions.

Masonic Gangstalking Gaslighting Hidden Dagger

Gaslighting often goes undetected until it’s too late. The victim is aware of what’s going on but ruined, no one believes them because on the surface of it they are a nervous wreck and isolation has limited their options as to who will help. This form of psychological attack takes many forms but they are always subtle to the point that they could actually be paranoia so voicing concerns can be counterproductive. Consider that at the same time the victim is looking like someone in freefall as they lose grip of securities in their life in undetected subversive scheming.

The Gaslighting of the Englishman

In the account of the Englishman, he experienced two separate attacks. The first failed coup on him ended with an arrested and extremely bitter wife who regrouped and surrounded him with Masons, Crypto-Judaism Christians and various other agents. He recounted how he became thoroughly dependent on her and attended her Crypto-Judaism Church before actually becoming a proper Christian and abruptly leaving. Again, not in the plan for him to do that so he was extremely fortunate.

He described consistent contention that seemed manufactured within the Church. Along with this his wife often told him of ill treatment by others and statements they had made to draw his ire thus causing him to row with others. She would then promptly mend ties leaving him out in the cold with shared friends. When he was left with very few people to turn to she began changing agreed times and denying original statements, intense noise around him where possible, bizare extended diatribes that were as exhausting to listen to as they were to deliver and other forms of mentally draining super-reality.

Fortunately for him he never really forgot the original attempt to sandblast his sanity and had learned techniques to combat such attacks. He wrote of how it was so subtle that even knowing still left quite a task. Being caught between defence and day to day without ending up mentally excausted took blocking out surroundings and focussing on unmovable positivity.

With Freemasons, it’s always a game of Chess. Sure, the chessboard within their symbols is about duality too but it also reminds them of the overall aims. From personal requests to aid “The Great Work” like helping ruin the rep and sanity of others like the fortunate Englisman or bringing in the correct leader, it’s always strategy quietly considered with no detection that matters. A good chessplayer doesn’t telegraph his moves.

Unfortunately, the account of the Englishman did finish on a sad note. He was forced to abandon a young family, perhaps what his wife anyway. To escape alive and aware is a personal victory but even then these methods reap destruction upon an individual.

60 thoughts on “Distortion to Reality: Freemasons, Gaslighting and Gangstalking

  1. Allan says:

    Hi, iam been gang stalked, for almost 5 years and I just moved 2 hours away without realising that all their friends live right here and they have the whole suburb watching me and following me 24/7 that I now have been in my house for 12 days just trying to keep my sanity, please help as they also carry metal bars undreneath their sleeves, they were hoping to catch me alive that’s why iam now trying to move out of here, they bring in huge trucks to my neighbours houses who are friends with them, to intimidate me!! I want to leave but iam svared!! There are 100 + they make sure I see how many of them there are to completely run through my head.


    • Ralph Christian says:

      Allan, they work on a psychological level, not violence. They are the same as the Scientologists, they study you, watch your movements and seek to mould your reality and self perception into areas where you will simply do these things to yourself. You just need to walk tall, know that they are powerless if your mind doesn’t allow in their games and to ignore them. Most of all, ignore them. It removes their bullets.

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      • Carol says:

        I beg to differ about the violence part that is not true at all. They gas me to unconsciousness while I am already sleeping where they have then cut and thinned out my hair so bad that I’m almost bald on top and I’m a female. They have shaved my eyebrows, and they cut off the circulation to my extremities as well as wrapping something around my waste causing my stomach to swell. They have extracted all of my back teeth and are now taking my front teeth. I have been sexually assaulted and sodomized and they spray poison in my face while sleeping or when they render me unconscious. So with all due respect these people are as evil and as violent and dangerous as you can get. They know that there will be no consequences for their law breaking but they forget that God the father sees what they are doing so they will have to answer for their actions eventually.

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  2. Christopher says:

    I’m being gang stalked by masons also .

    It’s been going on all year..
    Just today a man pulled up and offered me a lift, I accepted and he told me he was a Freemason. I told him that I had a problem with an ex girlfriend who was stalking me and I believed she was a mason, he agreed and said she was, then he told me that they were going to kill me..
    I asked why and when panicked and he said he didn’t know, but soon..

    I called police they said there’s little they can do.
    I believe they’ve also been coming Intp my house when not home and coming into the back of the property at very early hours in the morning and doing some sort of ritual .

    They’ve isolated me from family and friends .

    I’m very very worried there going to murder me. What can I do please.

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    • Ralph Christian says:

      Firstly, remember that this is psychological attack. All stalking is and they have no weapons if you put up a wall of resistance. They are causing you to mentally self harm with their games. In order for Masons to go beyond their subtle psychological stuff they need very good reason and it very rarely happens. If you ignore them then you have removed their bullets. If one of them tells you they are a mason then tell them that you’re in the process of joining a lodge yourself and became interested through hermetic teachings and listening to Manly P Hall. Throw them a little of their own medicine. Masons can’t harm masons.


  3. Joseph says:

    I’m being gang stalked too, in Puerto Rico. I think it may have started a few years ago, but I never noticed it until recently. Avout 2 weeks ago, I began to notice gangs of cars with super bright high beams passing my house, as I unfortunately live near a highway. Then the positioning of cars, in different locations with their high beams pointed towards my house, with nobody around. (Brightening) Then all of a sudden, within a week all the neighbors across the street got super bright spotlights/floodlights on their baconies and rooftops pointing to my house, that are so bright it looks like daytime in my house at 2am. I have to cover my windows with blankets and towels. Then the (Noise Campaigns) motorcycles, cars, and trucks, revving their engines loudly, or honking their horns, when they get in front of my house all done on purpose. They come in large numbers to make you feel frightened and out numbered and it works. Then the blocking of my driveway even though it has a No Parking sign in front they’ll block it, as soon as soon as they see me leaving, or before hand, with up to 3 or 4 different cars, and pickup trucks. There is a factory behind my house, my house sits on a hill, which was nearly impossible to climb up because of the intense shrubbery, all of a sudden it’s been trimmed down and cleared up. So people can now jump over the fence into my property and come in towards the back of my house. We hava a house alarm that goes off on occassion. As if someone pulls on the back door, and runs off. Or my battery is possibly dying. I am being watched 24/7 because there is a funeral parlor across the street with a huge parking lot, and a restaurant. The factory, neighbors, restaurant, funeral parlor, are all in on it. Lately there are lots of car, trucks, utility trucks and pickups, parked in those parking lots. Stationed there for hours. Some are so awkwardly parked at a great distance in awkward positions that obviously look like they’re observing my house. The scary thing is my mother suddenly developed a huge abdominal mass in her stomach and cannot walk, She was fine a few months ago, now she sometimes gets strange dark skin rashes, and mouth sores that look like they are cause by these evil bastards pointing direct electrical weapons (DEW) or ELF Weapons towards my house. I’m also having strange dreams.

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  4. ti1984 says:

    I too have been experiencing these coordinated psychological attacks for about 16months now possibly longer. Ive been hacked, wrecked while driving, 24/7 overt surveillance, planes, drones, people, animals possibly crows and trainable birds. It seems like its almost impossible that this can be happening. But it is right now, and will be, whether I ignore it or not its still happening. In fact it seems the more I ignore… they more they disrupt my business ops… which is merely landscaping by the way. I understand and succussfully can ignore it at times. Yet there are times where i seem to be almost remote controlled fueled by sheer anger, confusion, and trauma. And believe me Ive experienced and deal with ptsd. The things they do slowly but surely load their weapons and eventually “shoot” me with their “ammo” as you would describe Christian. So besides turning a blind eye which i will refuse to do anyway because i believe its just as cowardly and evil as the entity that commits these atrocities. Are there any actual real tips or suggestions you can give? any advice would be very highly appreciated. Thank you for all your work and website, its impressive and helpful nonetheless.

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  5. Morgan England says:

    i have many times heard of this. i always thought it was people being overly paranoid through drugs or mental illness. i have strugled with both myself but i do believe that those things have made me even stronger mentally when it comes to what is and isnt real\.(unless it is the occasional auditory halucination or visual but those are always easily ignored. my problem started with pissing off a drug dealer maybe or saying something i thought needed to be heard. but i never stole or really did muvh to deserve this accept maybe be annoying inside my appartment. in fact i have had everything stolen from me and had people turn on me for a long time and im starting to think this is it. i think that gangstalking is down the food chain of command though and these low lives will use weapons if you play chess too well and anger them. i think that police and even medical professionals are involved but may no know there being manipulated they think they are listening to crazy drug addicts that may need jail or something worse. in the end they do more harm then good and i think they know that much atleast thanks for hearing MH


  6. Morgan England says:

    Dont call police or talk toanyone unless you know they will actually take you seriosly noone will belive you and even if they do at first they will grow annoyed or maybe even get scared of you or that what your saying might be real. then they will push you away in fear for themselves. get cameras record audio and get it all stright then go from there


  7. Andie basse says:

    This happened to me years ago. Just shut off my phone and left the area. Mostly stopped. I have this odd ability to care for people. It’s kinda hard to make me completely crazy because of that. Can’t drive someone crazy who is crazy. Eh abuse been there done that. But yeah I just quit paying attention it stopped. I almost understand why it happened to me but the relationship stuff sounds petty. People are just mean

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  8. Andrew says:

    Well-written, and refreshingly…sane approach to what may well be the most difficult obstacle that I have ever met.

    The gaslight. The gang stalking.

    It started a long time ago, but I didn’t mind coming face to face with the deeper mysteries of life.

    Then in the last few months it got bad. Almost unlivable. My belongings covered in bodily fluids, and other terrible smells like cat food or cat pee. Drugs and chemicals laced within my food. Gasses to become alert, or tired, or confused.

    Subtle things like changing my prescription lenses, the size of my clothing, or strange chemicals in my shampoo.

    My financial situation became dire. Job after job, it became unbearable. Doused in urine or perfume. Drugged with muscle relaxer.

    Anyway the list goes on and on. I decided at one point to end my life if I had not noticed a decrease in the severity of the tactics being used within the year.

    Things got much better; I am gainfully employed, and enjoying higher than average pay, yet I am being gassed with something that smells like diapers and has various effects. In addition, my food and toiletries are being tampered with, and I’m having perfumes or urine put onto my belongings on a fairly regular basis.

    I don’t do drugs or party or anything. I’m quite boring these days. Mentally consumed by this whole ordeal, but quite boring nonetheless.

    Thousands of dollars of surveillance equipment were no barrier to whatever it is that ails me.

    My question is:

    From what you know, does it get better or worse, if I actively try and join them?


    • Andrew says:

      I just posted a comment, though it would seem as though at the last minute my email address was either changed somehow, or it was a typo.

      Moderator, please use the email on this comment.

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      • Andrew says:

        Hello Ralph,

        Thank you for the quick response. What eventually became an overwhelming barrage of actions taken against me started off somewhat more subtly.

        For example, my toothpaste would be replaced or mixed with something else, my bedsheets would smell odd, or my coffee creamer would br drugged.

        Eventually, I would come home to an entire apartment covered in a layer of hairspray and cat food and other things like that, only much worse.

        I invested heavily in network security, various types of cameras, alarm systems etc. but it was of no avail. The alarm company would just apologize and not be able to tell me why my camera stopped working at during an alarm at 12:33.

        And so on, eventually lessening in severity, though why I do not know.

        Obviously during this time, I was totally consumed by thoughts of why, who, what, and how. Why though? It could be any number or factors, some more probably than others, all of which occurred in the past and none of which I may change in the present.

        I can examine the situation and logically conclude a handful of individuals that are involved, though this conclusion does not offer any certainty as to why, nor does it entirely explain everything that has been done to me.

        It seems as though the people involved are fond of leaving a backwards letter “C”


      • Ralph Christian says:

        Hi Andrew,

        I am aware of the methods you speak of or the overarching system which can be applied to any number of situations or objects. What’s most potent about it is that the aim is for you to suspect everything and lose sight of where things have been tampered with.

        Those who perform these types of ambient abuse call the gaslighting stage “the melange”. This is where you cause but never truly harm someone by subtly creating paranoia. The things that are done will be small and always verifiably true on a personal basis but that’s it. You can quite easily show the evidence to someone else but you won’t be able to verify that you didn’t do it to yourself. This is done strategically to the level of your reaction and others. The aim is create paranoia and then for you to discredit yourself with what will appear to be elaborate claims by someone who appears to be increasingly paranoid. This will eventually isolate you from friends and family.

        Stage 2 is the known as “the spiral” and this is where you have lost sight of reality and your suspicions, self doubt and doubt in others is self creating. No further work is needed, it’s like a domino effect because the mind is simply turned on itself. You’re spiralling out of control.

        What you need to do is to resist the urges in the initial stages OR realign yourself in the second stage. Neither are easy but they are possible.

        Where do you think you are right now?


  9. andrewpruett@protonmail.com says:


    It’s really good to reach out to someone who knows something about this. The internet seems rife with information, though quite honestly, I think I lack the zeal required to sort through it all. Yet my lack of enthusiasm aside, this is a very real sequence of occurrences that must be addressed if at all possible.

    Although I’m a mostly calm and peaceful sort of person, at first I had to get past some anger at the situation. I knew that I was being set up to appear less than credible, so I was careful not to go off blaming everyone or to make a big scene.

    I suppose this is a web page dedicated to secret societies and that kind of thing, so I might say that I can’t really say anything without saying it. I know well enough not to go wasting my time blathering on about something that is hidden.

    At first, I just ignored it, figuring it was the same secret society that in my younger years (I’m still early 30s) might wink and nod me backstage to a music show, or tell me an amusing story in a café, or invite me to some underground party or something like that. Nothing to fear, I assumed. I have no disputes with freemasons!

    I’m a musician, a lover of nature, a free thinker, and I have a profound respect for all living beings. I’m not an educated man; I’m a truck driver with aspirations to start a small motor carrier business. That is all to say, I’m a rational and functional person and (given the continuation of this textbook “gaslighting” and “gang stalking”, I can’t see myself spiraling into anything other than a dull sort of long-term resentment at worst.

    Yet… I had to leave a job because my chair was doused in perfume. At my current job, I earn great money, but there’s an air pressurized system that creates a baby diaper smell. Someone peed on the drivers chair. Every time I stopped and got out there would be cologne sprayed for a while. Cheap perfume on my bed sheets. And the gas… to wake up. To fall asleep. To raise my heart rate and so on. Drugs that I can’t identify. I’m not out of the woods yet, so to speak.

    To answer your question, the realignment came when I examined the facts and met this with an acceptance that this was something beyond my control, and that I would simply try to live it out. With pee on my seat, or waking up with strange smells on my hands, the list goes on.

    Anyone concerned about a secret organization out to “get them” is probably interested to know if anything can be done about it. Certainly I have no way to communicate with them, yet I’ve developed a sense of compassion for the ones doing this.

    I accept that I am different. Maybe not the kind they like. I’m at the stage where I accept that I smell like whatever they want me to smell like, the wake up gas in the morning, or the urine on my seat. They are tasked with this, it is not personal. (Some of them have even given a strange sort of quick oddly directed apology sometimes). At the end of the day, we are the same. Maybe at different levels, but manipulated by something greater than ourselves nonetheless. I’m at the stage where I look at them and try to see myself, and develop compassion.

    P.S. after writing this, I will give your website the credit it is due and read your articles. As of yet I have neglected to do so. I am especially interested to read anything about secret hand sign gestures and any resources that can be offered about how to go about approaching a seemingly impossible communication barrier. Like Wikihow to party with your gangstalkers: step 1. Seriously though I know people die and that this is real sh** but I wish they’d get it over with or move on to the next person.


    • Ralph Christian says:

      Hey Andrew, most of it is off the wall reflections on the oddities of life but I do write and know a lot on Masonry, gaslighting and ambient abuse so if you discover bonkers stuff on here don’t let that jade your view of the advise or info on the topic here.

      Keep in mind that it’s more of an attack on your mind than a physical attack even though physical actions are involved. Awareness is 90% of the battle.

      Hang in there and stay in touch


      • Andrewpruett@prootnmail.com says:

        Well, it’s been while since posting here.

        I’ve shrunken physically, my long hair has since been shaved, my facial features have shrunken and pushed inward. Evidence of implanted devices such as scars and areas where my scalp has been pulled back and hair wont grow.

        Almost constant gassing of my air has left my throat sore and my nose torn up. They expanded it before an implant there.

        I’ve mentioned implants. I’ve researched quite a bit on the topics of what may have happened. Its depressing.

        Constant monitoring. Lost my apartments, jobs. Cops and citizen corps. Over zealous actors enjoying legal immunity. Willing participants of every variety.

        On the surface, they’re made to think it’s because of something sensational, a lack of experience, or something relevant to the present situation. I hope it’s not more dystopian than that.

        Don’t really know what to say. They got me pretty bad. Gasses, electroshock, automated wake/sleep/eat/poop/etc.


  10. Viviana Castillo Cruz says:

    Well, I am in GA and they have hunted and tracked me for 2 years 8 states and 24 counties in GA currently Rabun, because I pressed charges againts someone who almost killed me 4 times. 2 years and 4 psychiotrists one who works with the swat team, say I am not paranoid, crazy or dellusional, GBI and FBI involved along with other agencies. They have taken over every social media account facebook they took a year ago, they have taken every mobile account and I have 25 cellphones newly purchased with every provider they take the account convert it into a work account and reprovision device to monito and control, redirect all phone calls to take your identity. I have the evidence. They had someone dressed like on the phone acting crazy but guess what this is what they did wrong I was at the state capital so while “crazy me” is going bananas on the phone pretending to be me, guess where I am on multiple videos, police, news, social and other platforms with no phone standing accross from about 30 GBI agents and army and other agencies. Funny ha, this was one of their first huge mistakes that provided the credibility I needed, hence when people started to pay attention. Im in DV shelter they haven’t stopped a year ago after they attacked me my daughter was taken 2 yrs old to silence me. The hearing is next month Sept 2021 in Dekalb Co GA Im Viviana Castillo Cruz. Im fighting for myself, my daughter that they took Mia Grace Cruz 6/21/18 to silence me. Currently no phone done, I travel to Atlanta twice a week to see my daughter 2 hrs I had to quit my job and run last month after another attempt, the FBI is how I got here. I have no income and they wont stop, I use the computer here at the shelter. I am stable yes I have PTSD, but who wouldn’t. They do everything to destroy someone but the evidence tells the story I don’t have to.

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      • Kate says:

        It is Zersetzung … satanic ritual abuse. The masonic mafia are overdue for being held accountable for crimes against humanity. Our testimony and truth-telling destroys their web of lies. The Light of Christ exposes their wickedness. Do not be afraid, they fear your Spiritual power and mental ability.


  11. Anon says:

    I have been followed since March by a former ex who I believe is a Mason. I have cars following me, people to and in stores, picture taking and videoing me. They have sat by my house and watched for me. I have landscaper, construction people, Brinks truck etc. Today, In church they took a picture of me because I heard the camera go off. I go to mass every morning and they caught me going to church. I made a mistake and hired a PI to find out who was watching me when I was working. My ex seem to show up at places I drive and stores I go. They have gotten my daughter in an accident and tried on me and my husband. I have an Orthodox family down the street watching me. They seem to be outside when we take a walk. I understand what is going on and am ignoring them. They have invested a lot of time in me. Should I get an Civil right attorney to see if he can get my NCIC file from FBI? And see if they put me on the Government watch list from Fussion center/RISS?


    • Ralph Christian says:

      Don’t do anything. The game is to have you do the work yourself via overbearing paranoia. The human mind is very open to suggestion.

      These are weapons of the weak. They hide in shadows and refuse confrontation so remove their bullets, ignore it and watch it fade into the background.

      YOU are in control of this/


  12. Anon says:

    Thank you for your advise. I went to mass this morning and a store and felt empowered. The perps were all around me and in the parking lot of the store I visited. Give me some tips to remove their bullets. I have people in the community following from some app too!

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    • Ralph Christian says:

      Ok, this is great to hear, a great change of direction? Did you notice that this change came from within you and these ambient menaces could do not a single thing to prevent it? By its very nature the behaviour they adopt can never go beyond a psychological attack meaning you can control the entire narrative it plays. If you choose to ignore them then they can’t do a single thing about it. If you let the behaviour trouble you then it your choice to allow that. Always remember that.

      One other thing I would do is a tactic I used a few years back in a situation not unlike yours. It was gaslighting from a religions order who like door knocking. They are usually pretty peaceful but I had crossed some lines but that’s another story. What’s important is how I handled it. I simply started attending their services and seeing all of the faces of those who had created ambient menace in my life. It was a shock to them and the charm offensive jumped the record completely. They became wary of me.

      When you see them simply wave and greet them. Ask them how they are. See them slowly scatter as they realise that you have realised how empowered you truly are.


  13. Anon says:

    My strength came from going to mass that morning and within me. I notice the change of the perp around me. I ignored them and they had no amino.
    Questions: Why are the women the ones that seem to out following me the most? Why are they like sheep and have to do what their leaders says? Where’s the money coming from? Nice car etc? Why are Mormons following me? How do they get the community involved?
    I’ am thinking of taking your advice and going to a service of the priest Orthodox who lives down the street.
    I have done the waving and talked to the perp. I stopped doing that because I really don’t want anything to do with them. To me they are scum of the bottom of the barrier. I have also had some conversations with them. They tried to get into confrontation with me and throw out the race card but I kept calm and said my peace.
    My other problem is that I think they turned this around on me like I’m a threat to him. Trust me he not worth my time. His eyes are dead like Satan.


    • Ralph Christian says:

      At this point you have the upper hand. You’re aware of the shenanigans, they haven’t caused you to spiral (methodically created anxiety/paranoia/self hatred loss of confidence in the target) and you don’t fear them.

      The key point is this. This sort of abuse works in a way that damages because people usually realise way too late. They have made wild claims about being followed, destroyed their credibility with friends, feel isolated and are anxious and worried as a default instead of becoming so. Knowing they have been psychologically attacked at that point is useful but the damage is done. You can rebuild but with low confidence, the knowledge that friends think you might be delusional and permanent anxiety the journey is too long for some and they fade away into zombified humans or worse.
      Obviously that all sounds rather bleak. However, when you catch on early you’re safe because the self inflicted damage caused by subtle suggestion doesn’t occur and is no long possible becuzze you’re awake to the game being played and you have the flush, control of your own mind,


  14. Anon says:

    On Kate’s post, She mentioned that they fear your spiritual power. I want to drive it home to them. I know that just going to mass everyday and is a driving force.


    • Ralph Christian says:

      Ahh ok. I thought you meant some sort of Hermetic Magick. Scaring any group that are closely aligned to Freemasons with stuff like that isn’t easy. They understand the law of atttraction, vibrational thought and a bunch of other philosophy based manipulation techniques so you would be going against someone well versed.


  15. Anon says:

    Are you still being stalked by them or has it gone away? At what point will they leave you alone? My ex is still showing up at places I go and I just ignore him. Thanks for any positive advice.


  16. anon says:

    So I’m on a watch list and to do nothing. How are they capable of doing this? I Ignore them and it helps keep them away. I have noticed alot of police cars, firetruck, ambulances and brinks truck in my travel. Why are they involved? This is down right sick and Inhuman.



    • Ralph Christian says:

      Be mindful that it’s a combination of subtle encouragement and then self creation on the part of the target.

      The likelyhood is that you’re looking out for things that were already there so be careful of that. The way to create that in someone is subtle suggestion which bends your standard framework of reality. It’s very easy to sow paranoia in humans. Lighting the fuse to self destructive thought patterns is their thing so make sure not to obsess.


  17. Anon says:

    Thank you for the feedback. I will not obsess with the rumors about me and will not obsess who is involved with the crap too! I have to look at it as they don’t know me and that these are false allegations against. I cant go out alone because they are gang up on me. So going out with someone at all times. They are now following my other family members. When will this stop.

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    • Ralph Christian says:

      If I could give you one simple rule to deal with your situation it would be this. Ambient abuse is real and no joke but as intricate and troubling as it is it does have a limitation that goes overlooked because who really knows how to deal with such a thing? A campaign of suggestion, gaslighting and mental distortion isn’t something many people face and those who do are often left a nervous shell or worse.

      The limitation is that it’s ambient and in the same way that ambient lighting that lights a whole room ceases to be ambient, ambient abuse can never breach ambience. Too many reasons to list but because of this it’s a paper tiger.

      While you may not feel like it now due to energy and confidence stripping anxiety YOU are the powerful one because you have no limits. That doesn’t mean approaching them and addressing it loudly as that simply falling into the trap that you’re avoiding.

      If you can ignore a shadow then you can ignore this because that’s all the danger you’re in. Go out alone and let them follow people if they choose to. A shadow follows you everywhere too and that’s how you need to categorise this.

      I know how you feel, I was in that same place once and I felt weak, confused and desperate. Mindgames are an attack on your reality that draws over your life like an unexplainable personal fog. Truly, I feel your pain so I will tell you what I was told by someone who understood, a lone voice who didn’t doubt me and had knowledge of these strange dark arts.

      You’re not mad. That’s what they want you to believe and how they want you to look but you’re not, you’re just dealing with an unusual but real type of menace that very few need to and even less are aware exists. Not only are you not mad, you’re strong because unlike so many others you are aware of what’s happening. To be in such a position shows resilience because those who work it out and subdue the ambient menace have lasted long enough to put the pieces together.

      Because you’re not mad you will not fear a shadow, because you’re strong you have lasted this out and need only carry on and can break down these invisible barriers they have constructed in your mind like not going out alone. While I’m nothing more than words on an internet board and we know nothing of each other I am sure that there are no coincidences and you were meant to share these things and I was meant to push you to push back.

      All you need do is decide to reshape your buckled reality and like a Phoenix you shall rise from the ashes. You can and will beat this.


  18. Anon says:

    Thank you for the advise. It is difficult to deal with when there are so many are involved from the community and now neighbors. They have recruited a lot people from all sorts of lives. I really don’t understand this game and what they want. I will continue to ignore then even when the lights come at me. I am being watched by a lot of people for wondering why I am being followed in the first place. I had a set back and now they are full force on me. God be with me and the strength in me. I wish we could talk one on one off this message board.


  19. Carlos Junqueira says:

    That’s why Masons stay away from atheists. The ones who don’t believe in the supernatural are not affected by their attempts to destroy someone’s mind. Freemasons tried to make me believe I was not worth of being free. I left the order just before becoming a master because of gaslight. I was a threat because I didn’t follow the rules. I tested them as they tested me. They couldn’t control me and became a threat, so they tried to destroy my sanity through gaslighting and segregation. I just miss a friend that I had never had. But I can deal with it as this feeling fades away on the sands of time.


    • Ralph Christian says:

      I tend to lean on the side that they are genuine in wanting those who believe in a higher intelligence on board because most of their teachings are hermetic and esoteric readings of sacred scripture which is a little baffling to be honest.

      Would you say you’re an atheist of agnostic though? Most atheists are agnostic.


      • Carlos Junqueira says:

        I was born in a Christian nation, raised catholic but after going to college and reading the “ forbidden books” I , little by little realize that science is the only way by which we can rely our existence.
        The time I joined freemasonry, I was a man of faith. I totally lost it and freemasonry is the one to be blamed for. I have to thank them for it , because I am free now.
        They kind of believe in the Great architect of the universe , a god that made de world and went on vacation. Or simply doesn’t care about us.
        I follow people like Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Dennet . I really don’t know if I am agnostic or atheist because despite my comments above , belief is not a word I use to explain reality. I prefer evidence.
        Ps. English is not may native language, sorry for my mistakes.


  20. Carlos Junqueira says:

    Yes, even masons are gaslighted before reaching the 3 degree.. believe it or not.

    Advise. Run away from magical thinking. Read
    Nietsch, Ayn rand, Spinoza e Satre and you will have the tools to manage life. Metaphysics is ☠️


    • Ralph Christian says:

      Good advice but there is a balance. Somewhere between DNA code, geometry, consciousness and these larger concepts exists the truth and it’s not a guy with a beard or even someone who likes hymns of even a he. It’s us. We are part of a very complex construction that has rules like maths and time that at some point were put together by something beyond our capacity that may actually be us experiencing what was made unaware.

      Do some ayahuasca, for a small time you understand it and know what peace of mind really feels like.


  21. Sammie says:

    how do you manage when people keep drugging you everywhere you go. Whether it be liquor when out with supposed freinds, coffee from a shop or going out to eat.at a restaurant. Its either sleeping agents or mdma or laxatives. I get the other tactics you can ignore and act like nothins happening, but when you are getting drugged every time you go out and that often its diffucult to bear. It takes a huge toll on your health especially when your body has to recover from all that crap. Suicide seems like the best option, these ppl will never go away.


  22. Jane Dean says:

    I have just come across your site. I started being gangstalked about 5 years ago or probably a couple of years prior to that. As you state, ignoring it is the only way that it stops. They want a reaction. Don’t give it. I know its hard when you can see these things happening, but they really do stop once they see they have no effect. I have come across your site today, because I realise a new campaign is starting up – this time it is gaslighting. My brother and his wife have actually joined in with it! Sadly, I am going to have to ignore them too. There is no way I am allowing all that stuff in my line again, trying to destroy my sanity, so my ties with them have been promptly cut. I find this annoying though – if only they were people of substance and integrity, I could find out a little bit about how it works. Who on earth contacted them and told them things about me, with the ability to make normal everyday activities, seem a bit crazy….? But no, I know that if I tried to get them to see that they have been manipulated to see me a different way, it will just give them the opportunity to say that I “must’ve imagined it “or “it didn’t happen” or “you must be going crazy.”


  23. SM says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. It checked all the boxes on my suspicion list and clarified much of my experiences. Those “priggish bastards,” have no life, that’s what’s wrong with them, Keep writing your blog is helping many others.

    Take care.



  24. angeielala says:

    Yes my husband and I are dealing with this ourselves. We have and it’s our own family members at that. we live in a seedy little town they have seen us as a threat to them actually ever since I was raped when I was 15 and the murder of my cousin the following year. I am 49 now so this was a long time ago. From what I have found out so their big veil of secrets which are no good in today’s world. I have done some investigating myself and it’s really a lot of things they have done over time to me. Looking for a lawyer that is not afraid of the masons as I know I have to get out of town to find one around here. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good lawyer? and how to prepare for war so to speak against them.


  25. yus cp says:

    the Englishmans experience in the story – he published it, what is the name of that (so can read)?

    his experience sounds familiar. consider this scenario – a) they follow you 24/7 (its obvious in many ways…street theatre, directed conversations…getting others to say things wherever you are, home, work…). They use electronics as part of it (email contents, phonecall also). it makes v little sense but the aim seems to be to enforce that they are trying to control every last detail of your life, n to try to undermine you in thousands of ways (over time) with what add up to continual objections (all baseless – but it doesnt stop them making them, and causing you hassle as a result, they r practiced at turning the normal they found into something else). b) they ignore any efforts made to ‘correct their wrong picture’. – the same ‘objection’ (ie falsehood) will come up again after a break, and again etc. c) they might use flattery to get your attention, quickly folowed by all that stuff (‘objections’). d) but also they spread their false ideas (Ie smears) behind your back everywhere.

    so how would you ignore them

    often, very offensive, to try and get a reaction


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