Evangelicalism, Jehovahs Witnesses and Crypto-Judaism linking Birthdays and Baby-Showers

Quick thought, if Evangelicalism is a form of Crypto-Judaism then surely Jehovahs Witnesses are also. With many crossovers between these different sects, we look at a few similarities and parallels in belief and practice.


Jehovahs Witnesses:

Jehovahs Witnesses DO NOT celebrate birthdays in any way shape or form. It’s considered blaspheming Jesus to celebrate anything else BUT this is taking into account that they are very big on baby showers and don’t hold Jesus to be the son of God. Call this is a counterbalance to their own deceptive teachings and in conflict with other JW concepts.

Crypto Judaism Birthday Devils Tsimtsum Jehovahs Witness


Evangelicals are vague on almost everything. They claim to have no religion and no denominations, just a “Relationship with Christ” but in reality they make up their doctrines deductively. They subtly approve of certain established protestant denominations like Baptists, rabidly disapprove of Catholicism and make up the rest by what they DON’T approve as apposed to a set rule book. Do they have a denomination? Of course, it’s essentially Judaism with the word “Jesus” peppered about a little. Ever wondered why they talk about Israel more than anything else? That’s why.

Crypto Judaism Baby Shower Devils Tsimtsum Jehovahs Witness

Evengelicals do celebrate birthdays but there here is where it’s a little odd. They often do this long after the actual birthday, particularly with children. It’s not unusual to hear strange stories about birthdays being incorrect etc.


In Judaism it’s very odd. They celebrate a “Jewish Birthday” which is the day that they were called to G-d (Jews cannot use the name God) and go by the Jewish calendar and just like the Evangelicals, can often leave the celebration until long after the actual date.

Crypto Judaism Scrolls Devils Eyes Tsimtsum Jehovahs Witness

Baby Showers

Jehovahs Witnesses:

Here is a clue that JW aren’t being entirely honest about every doctrine and that some of it is a distraction. The suspiciously masonic styled cult started by Freemason, Charles Taze Russel are very much for baby showers and the celebration of a birth before it has actually happened. This celebrating of human life is very much in contrast to the view they have of celebrating anything that is linked to human beings AFTER a child is born.

Crypto Judaism Baby Shower Devils Tsimtsum Jehovahs Witness

Take particular note of this very conflicted position.


Evangelicals are very big on baby showers. Infact, if you’re inside an Evangelical fellowship then you will notice that they appear to have multiple baby-showers and put great emphasis on them.

Crypto Judaism Baby Shower Devils Tsimtsum Jehovahs Witness

As with all things Evangelical, it’s all rather blurry but unlike Birthdays which are muted on the day but celebrated later, Baby-Showers are BIG.


This is the most concerning part of this quick thought article. If we are to accept the unfortunate truth that both Jehovahs Witnesses and a large portion of Evangelicals are crypto-judaism practitioners then the consistency and keenness to have baby-showers is somewhat sinister.

Crypto Judaism Scrolls Devils Eyes Tsimtsum Jehovahs Witness

In Judaism there is a “No Baby-Shower” rule as it brings bad spirits about the baby and poor fortune. However, Judaism is a religion of contrasts. Consider that they follow a law that was smashed even before it was read by a man who had horns and made them worship a brass snake himself. Yes, Moses.

Dedicating the child to bad spirits is certainly believed by Jews but appears to be practiced by crypto-judaism sects, Jehovahs Witnesses and Evangelicals.

Jesus Christ

Jehovahs Witnesses:

In what is something that should divide them from what the many types of Christianity that get things wrong, Jehovahs Witnesses subvert the deity of Christ subtly and claim that he was perhaps an Arch Angel. As with all good deceptions, it’s mixed in with elements of truth.

Jehovahs Witness Watchtower Magazine

It’s a massive topic but essentially they have an overcomplicated view of Jesus that can be summarised by stating that they hold the Judaism view that he isn’t the Son of God or the saviour. They just use semantic calculus to get to the point.


The vagueness of being vague to the point that you aren’t even a religion or a denomination….such are the ways of the Evangelical Christian!

The bottom line is that it’s Israel before all else. They use the name “Jehovah”, favour “LORD”, seldom use the name “God” unless it’s followed by “of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” and even sprinkle “Jesus” into their non-conformist ceremonies.

Evangelical Christians Crypto Judaism
Nope, not the world cup. Evangelicals offering praise and worship to…..Israel?

Evangelicalism is about Israel and the Jewish people under the veil of following Jesus Christ. They misuse the banner of Christ to further Zionism and this will be obvious to a Christian spending any time at all in Evangelical fellowships


They hold him out as a prophet but they are still waiting for their saviour and make no secret of this. Judaism is intentionally cryptic and inaccessible but if you take the time to understand it then you can see it in so many areas of worship and life in general. Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles and an increasing number of protestant Christian Churches are switching over to Jewish traditions.

Crypto Judaism Crucifiction Devils Eyes Tsimtsum Jehovahs Witness

They have no time for Jesus Christ. Why? He exposed them as deceptive liars and they nailed him to a cross for it.

8 thoughts on “Evangelicalism, Jehovahs Witnesses and Crypto-Judaism linking Birthdays and Baby-Showers

  1. Jennifer Mugrage says:

    Can’t address everything in this post, and it wouldn’t be right to do so without reading all your other articles about Evangelicalism and why you think it is crypto-Judaism. On that, I will only say that I grew up in Evangelical circles, and my experience has been very different from what you describe.

    Also, I’m not 100% clear on why it should be a bad thing for Christian worship to have a lot in common with Jewish worship, considering that Christianity is Judaism, fulfilled. Anyone who is following Jesus now would have been worshiping Jehovah (or YHWH) in pre-Christian times, because He is the true God. As Jesus said, “Abraham rejoiced to see my day. He saw it and was glad.”

    Anyway, that wasn’t actually what I came here to talk about. Your bringing up birthday celebrations reminded me of the important point that a practice doesn’t have to be prescribed in the Bible to be lawful.

    The Bible does not give us details of how to conduct many different rites of passage that are universally practiced (and needed) by humanity, such as how to get married, how to welcome a baby, and how to bury our dead. This means that there is a wide range of acceptable ways to do these things, provided that we are not calling on false gods in the process.

    The first several chapters of Acts show us that Gentiles are free to adopt their own cultures and customs into God-honoring forms once they become Christians. This is a really good thing, because it means we can follow Christ and still maintain our cultural identity. The nations will bring their riches (including artistic and cultural riches) to the mountain of the Lord.

    About baby showers, I really don’t get what’s so sinister about them. Most cultures have some kind of traditional way of pampering a mom-to-be, because having a child is such an important contribution to the family and community, and also such a difficult and vulnerable time of life.

    Sorry this got kind of long.

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    • Ralph Christian says:

      Jennifer, sorry for the late reply. Here are my thoughts…

      Firstly, I don’t doubt for a second that your experiences with Evangelicalism were 100% Christian. I threw this post out very quickly and had no time to go into detail so your criticisms fill in alot of what I didn’t have time to write. Your comments are valued and valuable.

      Evangelicalism : One thing I have always noted about Christianity is unlike Islam, Hinduism or any other, it’s constantly under attack. Whether its the subtlety of renaissance art presenting feminine Jesus in surreal settings with so many different faces it subliminally creates a haze in the minds of the masses or worldly stuff like Hillsong, it’s an attack that marks out Christianity as the one Satan cares about. Almost every denomination is going of course and currently Evangelicalism is fast becoming so focussed on Zionism it’s replaced Christ with Israel. We are seeing alot of Judaism practices appear in fellowships and it’s an exploitation of the loosely organised non-denominational nature. The lack of centralised doctrine and leadership, all good things as it goes, have been exploited.

      Sure, God says all Israel will be saved but the context isn’t the piece of land in the middle east that isn’t even 100 years old, it’s also not the Israeli people as the offer of salvation was given to the entire world after Christ exposed them by tearing the veil to reveal no God behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz is a subtle reference to this). Israel means both “Those God fights for” and “Those who fight for God”, a two way relationship between God and man as both do what they can for the other. Basically, salvation and the Church. These misuses and overlays are placed over scripture are so widespread that Christians are actually seeking to support Israel, apparently the only country on the planet that God says he will defend. Pretty sure that would then make it the one that DOESN’T need support because God has that one under control.

      Christ aimed almost all of his righteous indignation at Judaism and even his healings and raising the dead were so that they would know who he was. They were very much his focus and the very first attack on the church was Judaising. The “Other Gospel, that isn’t a Gospel” that Apostle Paul, himself an ex-pharisee of noted deep understanding, was the Tanakh. Christ said to preserve it for teaching and study but not to follow. He came to end the deception. Sure, God speaks in the OT but so does Satan in all but one or two cases he is pretending to be God and appears as “The Angel of the LORD”.

      Jehovah : The compound names of God are intentional confusion. Christ was clear and direct in all his utterances and consistent in his nature unlike the sometimes capricious LORD or Jehovah of the Old Testament who is said to have feathers, smoke pouring out of his nose, can appear in hell aswell as heaven, commands brass snakes to be worshipped and is “terrifying”. Jehovah or LORD is always described as the “God of the earth” but never the heavens. Basically, alot of the time it’s Satan appearing as angelic beings and deceiving in the OT. Not all the time but a close study shows that semantic deception is being used and it’s hard to detect because just like all the best lies, it’s got a good measure of truth in there too. Jehovah isn’t God and God who was and is (In the Beginning God) doesn’t need lots of name but someone distorting the narrative would find such a thing handy.

      Baby Showers: This was highlighting a JW prophecy but also that they choose the one thing that Judaism says brings satanic forces around child, celebrating them before they are born. It’s a very odd choice but explained by how JW isn’t Christianity. It’s not like Catholicism where it’s errors out in the open. JW is satanic deception and subtly and intentionally removes Christs deity. They don’t celebrate birthdays but love baby-showers despite the satanic connatation from Judaism, something they align themselves closely with so will be aware? Liars. hypocrites. deceived.

      Let me know your thoughts.

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  2. Ida says:

    Wow, this is so weird because I found out in my 20s that I’m a Jew but my grandma used to take me to Evangelical Church every weekend, but she didn’t practice Judaism to my knowledge. And I found a birth certificate with a date different than what I know to be my birthdate?! And my mother didn’t baptize me as a child because she thought I should choose when old enough. I’m a Christian Anarchist now because that’s what I believe Jesus tried to do, free us from the oppression of any ‘elites’ and ‘rulers’ like the Roman and Jewish Establishmnet. I wonder if Satan is making these people oppress us?! I am fascinated with the secret or rather atheist?satanic? jews and zionism. in London there are orthodox jews who burn the flag of Israel every Purim! I understand better why now. I found a rabbi on youtube the other day reading from Mein Kampf and agreeing with Hitler and Wagner and saying the original Nuremberg laws were taken from Torah and that Hitler helped zionism and that jews are special people etc. What do you think of circumcision, don’t you think it’s a satanic practice?! I don’t understand how it can link them to God. There might have been hygiene purposes 2000 years ago but it’s cruel and unnecessary now.

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