Everything has a BeginninG. Really, IT does. Here is OurS.

Thanks for joining me!

Mark 4:11 And HE said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables.

If the above verse doesn’t stir you or instead you have not interest in The Bible then I ask just this. The scripture verse will relate some information to you so try to remove any wall you have, you will be challenged here and all things being connected means no walls. Don’t see that as a call to Christianity, instead see it as a call to remove all walls to words, information and what you came here with. It will hamper your JourneY.

Your first oddity is this. Mark 4:11 is actually the the same advice. Jesus tells those who stuck about after him preaching a parable that the mysteries will be opened to them. He tells them that the parable he preached (a story with a moral lesson) was to those who left just a story but to one who knows the mysteries, a truth. A fiction that becomes a truth within them.

I am not deity, just someone who is mediocre in all things but inexplicably has a talent for discerning the TrutH from the intentional roadsigns to dangerous rabbit holes. You may also have this in you but don’t run before you can walk, make sure of it by sticking to the writings here. You can end up full of fever, nonsense and a very troubled mind if you get that wrong. I don’t want that for you, truly.

Ok, I would like you to view these two posts. One will make sense by way of visual, the other will not and that’s good. Don’t try to make the one that doesn’t become clear, it may hold nothing more than random nonsense but either way, if you’re on this page and have started where you should then it’s not the HouR for you yes.



Do you the extra 8 hiding in plain sight? Don’t look in corners or what should be hidden, look at the entire card without any preference. 


Take in what’s above, note that you may link some words or slight elements to oddities and puzzlements that you are aware of through popular internet culture. You may even see a link or two, you may well.

However, this is how things work. Early on you PLEASE do not search outside of what’s on here and on my own Pinterest. Most who search TrutH find something but then lose their thread by way of the excessive and deliberate red herrings and rabbit holes setup. There are varying reasons for this, they will come clear to YOU as you walk The WaY and not through my mediocre reflections. YOU will discover, I will simply nudge you the correct way.  

So to finish this up, welcome welcome welcome, tread carefully, FinD the 8 on the card, iGnoRe the second image even if you feel it holds TrutH. 

Peace be with you.

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