The Magic Stone: Is Covid19 a clever ruse that is selfishly sacrificing our childrens future?

Corona Virus is the story of our time but is the horrible truth of what’s been done and continues to be played out a massive exposure of our selfishness and gullible nature?

Corona Virus Figures Bankrupcy

Unreliable Corona Virus Figures

In the story of the magic stone a widow is duped by a cunning tramp. He has her make him a free soup by telling her that the ingredients she is adding will merely flavour the tastes coming from the “magic stone” he has given her to boil. The truth of course is that the stone isn’t magic, it’s nothing more than a clever ploy to have her create a soup out of the extras she is required to add to make it just right. It’s an age old trick that’s been repurposed throughout history in cultural coercion and propaganda.

Corona Virus Figures Incorrect

Corona virus economic collapse?

Currently the world economy is in grave peril of falling to the very same trick but the cost isn’t merely a few vegetables, sprinkles of salt and a side of beef. As businesses tumble, livelihoods are ruined, families are left in despair we are faced with a horrible truth that’s starting to swell through the ground like septic waste. The economy is committing suicide for no reason.

Corona Virus Figures Incorrect Lies

Most figures in the Corona Virus numbers thrown around are intentionally blurry and bounced between handpicked experts all making a name in preparation for a book deal down the road as long as they tow the line. The figures aren’t given any scrutiny by these large all powerful media beasts because they don’t stand upto it and these “experts” who are now akin to actors know this. Most who are dying from the corona virus are either at an age where flu will kill them or they are already suffering illnesses that render most viruses fatal.

The Corona Virus is the worlds magic stone.

The REAL Corona Virus victims? Our children

As the game of hyper delivery of escalating figures continues and virtue signalling goes into overdrive we are as adults ignoring the very future we will leaving our children. They are the silent party who do not understand what’s happening other than no longer able to see friends or be as children are in this world full of wonder. Bitter adults who seem to have let go of all critical thought have decided that their own health is more important than the future they will leave for their silent, confused and scared children.

Shame on us all for this.

The Corona Virus tipping point

One of two things will happen over the coming months and these directions will shape the future of the planet forever. Yes, forever. We are at a crossroads and it’s not something that will be put to votes or drawn out unnecessarily by political simulation and bureaucrats. It’s right here and it’s our choice, our decision, OUR WORLD to now navigate because we should not fear these leaders who are elected as our servants. It is them who should fear us. They should fear lying to us to gain further power but it appears that they do not.

The first choice we have is to do nothing. To allow ourselves to be driven into debt slavery by a virus that when scrutinised is actually not a great deal worse than any other flu season. The government becomes our saviour as we ourselves become servants to a system for fear of having our state subsidies removed as all free enterprise becomes driven into extinction. Our children grow up in the hamster ball that we adults have created, allowed and bolted ourselves into. They pay for our misstep with a bleak future where only our consciences stand as a reminder of the happiness and freedom they may have had.

Corona Virus Figures Incorrect

The second choice is that we do not allow this draconian sleight of hand to continue. We do not listen to the actors like Tom Hanks telling us all to lock ourselves in. We do not ignore these indications that the death tolls we are reading are made up of people who would die of flu at any point or have pre-existing terminal illnesses. We do not ignore that we are being cowards in allowing this grotesque lie to rob our quiet, confused innocent children of a future of freedom and happiness. We all remember that we do not trust government and the lies they tell and that above all they crave complete power over us.

We stand at a crossroads.

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