Catholicism, Catholics and Freemasons: A Staged Animosity from Vatican and Baldichan to Masonic Boaz and Jachin

Catholicism and Freemasonry have long been at loggerheads with the understanding amongst Catholics that they could not consider themselves a practising Catholic is they were a member of the secret society known as the Freemasons.

catholic freemasonry fake feud secret friends
Freemasons keep very tight lipped on their intentions, mysticism involvement and overall intentions but keep to a strict codex that has lasted for hundreds of years. A code of silence and aprons.

Freemasons visibly tolerant, Catholics tolerant invisibly

The same didn’t apply the other way with the Freemasons taking a policy as vague as their true intentions or inner workings. Basically, don’t be an atheist and you’re ok. You need to believe in a higher spiritual power. It is often considered that this very vague definition could and obviously meant devil worship, a tag that the Freemasons will take to heaven or hell, depending on whether it’s true or not.

catholic freemasonry fake feud secret friends
The above image of the sistine chapel shows that while Freemasons crave privacy to non members, Catholicism has always worn a very flamboyant front. You have to wonder if the animosity with Freemasonry could be a pretend spat.

Unlike other groups that the Catholic church has locked horns with like any organisation to do with abortion, a very hot topic of theirs, Freemasonry and Catholicism have always had a strangely non confrontational cold war. This is why many suspect that the animosity has either fizzled out or for reasons known only to those initiated to the craft and the secrets held in conclaves and underneath the vatican, remain unknown.

catholic freemasonry fake feud secret friends
Freemasons hold their secret teachings inside a deep maze of tracing boards and other such mysticism that has conspiracy theorists speculating until they are frothy at the mouth. This is of course the intention, Freemasonry has more speculation made about it than any other society because what there is to go on is so random.

Philippines, Catholic and Freemasonry high percentages

What is probably the largest indicator that the feud is a staged animosity is that the both hold huge numbers in a single country and this causes no issues. Such rules from the Catholics if earnestly upheld (and they do uphold things when they want to) would mean mass refusals at Catholic Church doors in Philippines in SE Asia.

Vatican Freemasonry Satanic Control Demonism Roman Catholic Church

Philippines is without a doubt a very hard country to quantify with its mysticism laced Christianity. Freemasonry is one of many things that appear impossible with christianity but within the Philippines are tolerated all the same. The main and superior religion is Christianity with Catholicism counting for around 80% of the population and then paganim, Kabballa and Freemasonry are then slipstreamed in to the doctrines. We cover the Phillipines paganism and christianity in a wider article HERE.

Cabbalah, Ein Soph & Tzimtzum within Sistine Chapel

catholic freemasonry fake feud secret friends
Viewing the flamboyant decor at the Vatican gives off very mixed messages with it’s rams and less than humble approach.

Philippines was initially forcefed Catholicism by the Spanish but then liberated by a Freemason who used a Freemasonry Apron as the Flag. Philippines has huge numbers of Catholics, an estimated 80% of the population claiming to be members of the Roman Catholic church. Although Freemasons do not release numbers it’s very much a part of the culture and with JW and other related organisations having healthy numbers in the South East Asian Island Nation, it’s fair to say that there seems to be no problem with a Catholic Masonic unity.

Masonic Architecture & Esotericism with St Peters Basilica

catholic freemasonry fake feud secret friends
With both Freemasons and Catholics holding secrets it’s very hard to know how these two could be aligned but continue a fascade of enemies. There is certainly something that links them that can be felt when visiting the Vatican. Something that seems as foundational as the cornerstone at St Pauls.

Baldachin, a letterspun version of Boaz and Jachin

The main canopy within the basilica is known as the baldachin. This two columned structure that’s used throughout the Kabballa (qabbala) Zohar and everything from Masonic tracing boards to their own temples is simply a letterspun version of the amalgamating of the two pillars used within everything from Freemasonry to Tarot. This pagan symbol of Boaz and Jachin is conflated to Boazjachin and then taken to Baldachin. This is known as “Tzimtzum” with Kabbalist teachings. To reveal (visually) and then conceal (different name) a thing. Most commonly used as the hiding of eyes and faces within renaissance art and architecture, it’s also the central concept of esotericism.

jachin boaz pillars zohar baldachin freemasonry boazjachin
The visually revealed symbol of Kabballa and then Freemasonry is at the very centre of the Vatican. It was then hidden within a new name. Boaz and Jachin became “Boazjachin” and spun to “Baldachin”. A similar method is used with withcraft whereby mispellings of “Craft” (also used to refer to wicca and earth magic) like “Craeft” and “Creft” are used to subvert connection.

Freemasons and Catholics secret friends currently?

Whether a truce was reached, the feud never existed, they have had alignments from the beginning or they genuinely detest each others existence, it has been many years since either has mentioned the other.

That in itself for the rigidly run and rule based traditionalist Catholic Church is a wonder.

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