The Revolution will NOT Trend: UK Reports of Lockdown Rebellions Removed From Social Media as Donald Trump Calls for Liberation

In the UK and Europe reports of social media posts being removed for showing corona virus lockdown rebellions in some major cities and towns comes hot on the heals of similar larger action in the US.

Corona Virus Lockdown Rebellions USA Donald Trump Virginia

President Donald Trump entered the this weeks corona virus headlines with a series of rebellion stoking tweets calling for what he dubbed the liberation of three Democrat run states who have signed in constitutionally questionable laws.

Corona Virus Lockdown Rebellions Worldwide USA Covid19 Huntingdon Beach

Lock Liberation Support Growing?

Trump has been accused of backing peaceful protests in Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia who have rallied and defied restrictions put in place in response to the coronavirus crisis claiming the science and statistics to be flawed.

Corona Virus Lockdown Rebellions Worldwide USA Covid19

Many observers are questioning the effectiveness of the lockdown citing Spain and Italy, two EU states with strict lockdowns who have seen no drop in the escalation of Covid19 cases.

Corona Virus Lockdown Rebellions Worldwide USA Covid19 Trump Tweets
“LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” “LIBERATE VIRGINIA” he posted in three separate tweets, adding to the final one “and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!”

Donald Trumps Calls for Revolution?

Trumps tweets are the latest example of how the debate over the flu-like virus is increasingly being strained by inaccurate info from the media, inclusion of the terminally ill and elderly in the statistics and a lockdown that could cause suffering and death in the form of a massive economic recession.

Corona Virus Lockdown Rebellions USA Donald Trump

“They did a horrible thing, the governor,” Trump added at his White House press briefing on Friday after Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam signed strict new gun control measures into law days before.

Social Media Censoring of UK Protests

Reports from UK suggest that similar actions has taken place on a smaller scale. Much like the year long Paris riots, UK and EU mainstream news and social media platforms have enacted strict censorship or outright ignored information relating to the rebellions. Facebook users are now reporting that even light hearted memes relating to the corona virus are being removed.

Corona Virus Lockdown Rebellions Worldwide USA Covid19 UK Censorship
Social media users in the UK have reported that this image, clearly intended as humour has been removed as inappropriate content as lockdown rebellion videos and pictures emerge.

While no official statement has been made on new censorship, Facebook have informed mainstream media that they are notifying users who have potentially received misinformation about Covid19 . The social media giant, which also owns photo-sharing network Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp, said it has been desperately battling to control large volumes of posts that say physical distancing will not curb the disease.

Dhaka Reporting Lockdown Rebellions

Corona Virus Lockdown Rebellions Worldwide Dhaka

In further lockdown rebellions in Dhaka, thousands of workers who manufacture items for top Western fashion brands protested against the lockdowns amid claims of unpaid wages and no government support.

Bangladesh’s clothing factories make up around 84 percent of the regions $40 billion export industry, which is now facing its worst crisis in decades as demand bottoms out due to Western lockdowns.

Lockdown rebellion protesters say many business have not paid them after the orders were cut.

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