Esoterica: “As Above, So Below” from Tarot to Spielberg and Kubrick and then Drake, Moses and the Snake

Bahomet As Above So Below Kabbalah
Baphomet As Above So Below

Kabbala Mantra of As Above, So Below

As above so below, the esoteric mantra that’s seldom associated with what’s good and laced into the fabric of everyday life in a subtle crafty way. The careful manner in which the references to this statement are carefully and intricately delivered by art, movies, celebrities, UFO sightings, flags, tarot cards and the message Bible used by the psuedo Christians.

Ready Player One Kubrick Spielberg Baphomet As Above so Below
Ready Player One (Stephen Spielberg) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick)
Ready Player One As Above So Below Kabbalah
Ready Player One (Stephen Spielberg)

What and where is Above and Below?

It’s good to first establish where the anchor in this statement is. At least 50% of this statement must refer to the land mass we dwell in. Below is heat and fire and above infinite space. How do we know this? We are told it almost as soon as we hit school as a child. Above is death, below is death and along with that certain death for a human is nothing else. The centre of the earth is as small as you can comprehend depending on how precise you are, to the molecule or the atom and above us in the cosmos is distance and area so large that the mind cannot comprehend it nor can man ever explore it.

The only other option can be that the earth is central and the statement refers to both points, above the earth and below it. However, the use of this statement in the rather demonic Message Bible Translation links earth. The corruption of the Lords Prayer by way of this statement gives us the the anchor.

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:9-10 King James Translation

With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply. Like this: Our Father in heaven, Reveal who you are. 
Set the world right; Do what’s best – as above, so below. 

Matthew 6:9-10 The Message Bible
Tarot The Magician As Above So Below Kabbalah
The Magician aka The Juggler and Magus is Arcana Tarot

Below the Earth, Azazel and the old gods

Whether it’s Azazel the fallen angel spoken of in the Book of Enoch or Satanic Sex Magick occultist Clive Barkers suggestion that Gods are waiting to be woken by bloodshed or simply molten lava, what’s below doesn’t seem good.

We are told briefly of an incursion of spirit into the genes of men in Genesis 6, the reason God resets the earth with a flood. The Nephelin are half human, half angel hybrids created by disobedient angels taking wives of women of the earth. In the Book of Enoch this is further expanded and it’s Azazel who leads the angels into this disobedience. God punishes them by entrapping them under the earths surface and for them to witness the spirit that remains when their hybrid children Nephelin have died should have no place in heaven so to roam the earth tormenting man as tormented entities who thirst for much but cannot satisfy any need. Clive Barkers movies and comics feature a Baphomet character living below the earth and only partially formed and in need of blood to fully manifest. This is a concept he suggests in his movie Hellraiser along with dormant gods below the earth in the short story, Rawhead Rex. Barker, himself an actual occultist pens from his own experiences. We cover Barker in a larger article here…

Rapper Drake, As Above so Below in shamanic Hotline Bling video

Drake Hotline Bling as above so Below Baphomet Thoth Demonic Kabbalah Satanic
Drake As Above So Below Baphomet Pose Owl Moloch

Recently rapper Drake performed the most bizzare looking dance in this 2016 chart success, Hotline Bling. It became an instant meme, most agreeing that his dancing was decidedly uncool. However, on closer inspection it was a shamanic dance delivering the “As Above so Below” principle of Thoth and Baphomet. Quite sneaky.

Pinocchio Disney As Above So Below Kabbalah
Kubrick The Shining As Above So Below Kabbalah
2001 A Space Odyssey As Above So Below Kabbalah
2001 kubrick as above so below
Lord Shiva As Above So Below Kabbalah
Morpheus Matrix As Above So Below Kabbalah
Ballet as Above so Below Kabbalah Witchcraft
Hermes Trismegistus As Above So Below Kabbalah
Moses and Aaron Before the Pharoah As Above So Below. Esoteric Kabbalah hidden in art, movies and everyday life
Moses as Above So Below Kabbalah
moses and pharoah as above so below
Nostradamus As Above So Below Astronomy Kabbalah
Hollywood Witches As Above So Below Witchcraft Kabbalah Tarot
Enoch as Above so Below Kabbalah Jewish Mysticism
Jesus Blasphemy as Above so Below Renaissance Art
As Above  So Below Pythagoras Freemasonry
The Hired Hand As Above So Below Hollywood Esoteric Baphomet
Ptolemy As Above So Below Kabbalah Esoteric Witchcraft
Pharoah snake scared as above so below
Moses as above so Below Ein Soph Tsimtsum Esoterica
Saturday Night Fever Baphomet As Above so Below Hollywood Qabala
Moses Aaron Tablets Esoteric Exodus Tsimtsum
the greatest showman esoteric freemasonry as above so below
the greatest showman as above so below esoteric hermetic qabbala
Pink Baphomet Pose As Above So Below
Pink Baphomet Pose As Above So Below
Pink Baphomet Pose As Above So Below
Pink Baphomet Pose As Above So Below
Biblical art As Above so Below Micaiah Ahab
As Above so Below Noah Baphomet
As Above so Below Buchanan Rides Alone
As Above so Below Tarot Yul Brynner Invatation to a Gunfighter
As Above so Below Mary Poppins

4 thoughts on “Esoterica: “As Above, So Below” from Tarot to Spielberg and Kubrick and then Drake, Moses and the Snake

  1. J.Dr says:

    U.C.C. 1-308
    Without Prejudice,
    Kind Greetings and Much Hola Good ser Ralph,
    I too have LONG pondered such things……All of the above mentions… Now, I myself have made it a Large chunk of My Truth Seeking Study to research and review TRUE DIVINE Magi-eye-cee, (and AWARENESS of Dark SORCERY rooted in Blood Desecration and Brutal Violation of DIVINE SPIRIT (#Sa-tanicRitualAbuse #OPENSECRET #FRANKLINCOVERUP #whoareTHEFINDERS #declassedFBIfiles , not to be confused with Pure, AGAPE, Compassionate Loving Magi….::
    Hollywood, VERY Clearly co-opted by intelligence firms (if not crafted by them), Does spread Truth. More often times it’s as you spoke above here. They pay sick defiled homage to the desecration of the SACRED…and celebrate their misdeeds as they first say&sell what they plan to do as Fictional viewing pleasure for a Dollar amount … So do We stop there? Do We regress to Their despicable mentality of Assumption about all of a group equating to the same???(extracredit… Or…BUT then, in considering that Powerful writing from Glover, in examining Elijah Wood, Terry Crews, Brendan Fraser, Correy Haims!, HEATHER OrOURKE, JOHNNY >?< from franklin coverup, MadeleineMCcann…Corey FELDMAN!!!!!!!!!, ISAAC KAAPIrip, HUNTER S THOMPSONrip (Fear and Loathing in LV is MY 1st exposure to adrenochrome AND "Reptilians EVERYWHERE"…and Doc Literally PUTS IT OUT THERE…and speaks of the NWO in his Published Writings), and STANLEY KUBRICKrip.S VERY FINAL FILM "Eyes Wide Shut", where LITERAL depiction of the FOUL child–sex–trafficking Industry is First broadcast to the Public without minced words..which allegedly brought about decisive "they killed himself", when Examining these and Many, Many more involved in the "entertainment industry," 4th Branch of the Govt, (MeDIA), that Sought to BUCK their 'f***ing' of their Spirit and Soul Essence, (DaveChappelle?ImmortalTechnique?VinniePaz?SerjTankian?*maybes*Tech9?TomMacdonald?…FLOBOTS!!!), must We not Recognize their SOVEREIGN standing, albeit for most a small, short stand until Falsified"naturalcauses" or "theykilledhim.her.self" happens… Do We not error on the side of scared if We neglect to Recognize their Motivations… Cui Bono…? Who Benefits?
    Who Benefits from Stan Kub, having (possibly) faked the moon landing through SpOdyssey2001 SET!!! (Saturn&Set, these people War-ship suffering, control, pain, blood magick, MKULTRA, etc),..?
    For Myself the Most Important of Kubricks work Aptly DEMONSTRATES The! very Project Monarch/Mkultra programming/suggestiveThinking underway back Then—by Way of CLOCKWORK ORANGE, and the Eradication of Our Inner Child, Our Free Spirit, Our CompassionateCare and LovingCuriosity, Our TRUE WHO-MAN SPIRIt.
    Does not the Awareness Raised by those Few that could SEE what was Being Made Available as verifiable Knowledge and Truth VASTLY outweigh their purported intention due to Requirement of "announcing the ritual…"??? I will add, I have not watched Lolita yet.. And I will. My Heart says Kubrick NEEDed to tell someone of what he stumbled upon… Theirs is not a party…Theirs is Subtle, Manipulative, and hidden in secretedsilence. They succeeded for CENTuries beCAUSE of the ease of compelled silence and quieted opposition… TELL-A-Vision Does vibrate at the frequency in which ManKind most easily receive suggestion…this is Known. But for those Capable and Willing to ask the difficult, painful questions, and uncover fALSENESS and CorrupTION, does it not fit David with Perfect Weaponry to Cleanse goliaTh..? not most strong, notmost powerful, not mostmany…just, plain&Simple, THE Weapon Needed for the TIME?
    Pardon Me Brother, I need create one of these safe havens on the WWW meself,… My purpose and point pertain to the Question of Ancient Mystical Teaching Being regarded as antiLove, antiPositive, antiNATURE. Must Our Ancient elDers, Teachers, Prophets, & Healers, Listeners, Singers, Givers, and BrRingERS, must these Lessons, Teachings, experiencings, All be of the fallible, ego-driven IntMonFund compelling compliance?/? through fear and tear, pain and nEVER gain//? Or can it be True, that Our Guides Always Knew, One, One Day TOO

    Manly P Hall became knighted 33rd degree, only after Studying RosiCrucians, et. al. Well into his Most Latter years..!!!(Enjoy Secret Teachings OF ALL AGES, a most Wonderful Opportunity). My literal G-PA was the precise same…33rd degree Knighted mays-son. And while I *can* say my grandpa was good to me as an Overall WHOLE, i did not afford the drydrunk nonsense, Nor the the less-than-gentle hands to those kinda things , I send when thee on thine Way. Let’s Speak more on the subject. Henril ) I thought it was fixed EaRlieR
    RosiCrucian 3xpert , BITtOIN Mining Both and Some. Pappap loved me and i him. easy and mild, yeah>>> And yeah, please so He can read .

    We should speak soon. Much Love~~~!

    Juan Hileman

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