Jon Venables, James Bulger Killer Picture Spotted AGAIN

Bulger Killer JON Venables is one half of a pair of notorious child killers who abducted and then murdered two-year-old James Bulger back in 1993.

Jon Venables James Bulger Killer Fiance
Jon Venables pictured using a mobile phone, a questionable activity given his inability to maintain anonymity.

Jon Venables New Identity Leaked

It’s now two years on from February 2018 when the vile paedophile, now aged 37, gave a plee of guilty to having more than 1,000 indecent images of children on devices he owned.

Jon Venables James Bulger Killer Latest Images

Jon Venables Changing Face

Jon Venables picture has been shared online multiple times previously and he seems unable to stay away from illegal material or to keep his identity quiet. He has also tested positive for drugs on multiple occasions and costs the tax payer millions as efforts to keep his identity secret become tougher.

Jon Venables James Bulger Killer Latest Jail
This picture was allegedly taken of Jon Venables when he was detained for the 2017 offences.

Sources have claimed that, “Despite the murder taking place decades ago, Venables is as notorious now as he has ever been.

Jon Venables, Still Dangerous Image, The Picture of Evil

“And his picture, although supposed to be private, has been circulated, albeit illegally, a number of times. People who shared it have been prosecuted, but it has still made its way around and there is only so much someone can change.

Jon Venables James Bulger Killer Latest Face

The Ministry of Justice has on multiple occasions refused to comment on Venables’ case. Officers in witness protection have stated that those being moved get a say in where they go meaning he could choose live near the parents of James Bulger.

Jon Venables James Bulger Killer Latest Face

60 thoughts on “Jon Venables, James Bulger Killer Picture Spotted AGAIN

      • Debra Kamps says:

        And they are pure evil and will never respect life. I had a daughter like these two and she continues to commit crimes against others in this case she continues to get away with it because of a corrupt judge sad.


    • Debra Kamps says:

      These two are pure evil and should never ever be left to go free. You can see it in their eyes you can see it in their faces they are pure evil and they committed crimes even after they got out with all the pampering and great treatment they got out and continued to commit crimes they belong in prison for the rest of their lives.

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    • Bryan says:

      What makes you think all of us love pedos?. I don’t know of anyone at all who endorses or respects what Jon Venables did whether it be the brutal murder or paedophilic actions. Not that i personally give a flying fuck that one rando online doesn’t like the us but you should probably be careful about what you say. You know that all the fuckin karens will be after you if they see this.


      • Lynna Cuneo says:

        Oh Wow! I live in Massachusetts and I remember reading a book about this back in the day. Now I’m 46 but still will never forget this. I cannot believe they are FREE!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dethtoo Von Jenables says:

        interested in seeing some of the threats they sent – but i would remove any names and addresses from their messages, you know, to protect their identity, like they do for this scum of satan so he can keep breathing despite that it’s clear he’s not going to reform


  1. James says:

    Do you have his current name and whereabouts? I’ve been trying to find it online but not having much luck since everyone seems to be afraid of sharing it, even it in private. I’m in the US and out of UK jurisdiction so I’d gladly post it on my sites and social media profiles

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  2. Ken M. says:

    give me the opportunity and a clean get away and i’ll do what the UK government is afraid to do. if this monster had 1 scrap of humanity left in him he would commit suicide, but since we can see that isn’t the case and he enjoys bragging about who he is and what he had done .. that means he has no remorse and doesn’t actually care about his anonymity… i’ll put him down like the sick dog he is …

    Liked by 1 person

      • Harrison Bergeron says:

        I’m not even positive that’s the same person in all the pictures in your post!
        I would hope the mechanism would flag *any* posts of pictures of any adult purported to be of a child murderer; the risk is just too great.


      • Alison Sheehan says:

        his new ID is Keith Osborne from Mottram! he was caught by pedo hunters very recently for talking sexually to a 14 year old female (DECOY)


      • Justice system stinks says:

        John Venables is now using the alias James Riley. He has been involved in the Murder of John Littlewood in Blackhall Colliery County Durham in 2019. He pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice,witness intimidation. He met one of his co accused Donna Balfour from Blackhall Colliery, while he was serving time in a prison in Liverpool. She was visiting her former partner in prison. She began a relationship with Riley aka Venables and he moved Blackhall upon his release. See Hartlepool Mail for more details. Can I just say this monster was living just yards from a primary school. His then partner donna was also pregnant with his child when they were remanded.


    • Lesley (@Lezzmeister) says:

      Highly illegal as in you can be put in prison for it. The worldwide injuction (not sure how they would enforce that but as I understand it, they just try and get your name and number because criminal complaint, register it and will arrest you if you go there) was honored and put into place EU wide later, and I am not sure if that stays the case with Brexit now, but I presume it will be. Also not sure if any EU country would extradite you or fine you or lock you away, extradite over it, probably would if it were still EU, now not so sure.

      Twitter has a few of his pics up with his name, but they are taken down often and accounts have been banned over it.


  3. Hit man for hire says:

    I think he’s back in jail,but if he’s released i think someone should find him and put him down like the dog he is,thomson is hiding well but someone will find him.


  4. Hunter says:


    I am currently trying to put pressure on our government (U.K) regarding covers ups of child abuse dating back decades until now, including Elm guest house, and the recent “loss” of files that would help Richard Kerr in his inquiry into all of this. I also want to try and find Jon Venables and have a way of keeping track of him. I need to know, are these images 100% him, and how do you know?



      • L says:

        You’d think the fact that Venables has been convicted of having really horrible images of babies and very young children being raped, photos of infants being penetrated by adults would be enough for them to quit spending money on the dude

        We are talking thousands of images and as well as handbook on how to rape a child. This isn’t Lolita porn or barely legal, it’s literal child porn, MULTIPLE convictions!
        Let him fend for himself the public deserves to be able to protect themselves and their children from this monster.


  5. ‘Fat’ Freddy says:

    That Evil nonce.

    Glad you are keeping this page up Ralph.

    Robert Thompson is rumoured to be maybe Sean Walsh of Kilkenny, he supposedly boasted he is the Thompson, but Sean definitely is in prison atm, I read.

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  6. Jon says:

    While I’m not totally convinced that the person in these photos is definitely him, I’ll admit I have continually seen these photos of this man circulated for the past decade and in that time no one has ever come forward to debunk them by revealing the person’s real identity. So could be him.

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      • Ron Wenebles says:

        That is not necessarily the case. If this isn’t Jon Venebles then it is just endangering some random guy and also grounds to remove the images.


      • Ralph Christian says:

        There have been others who were incorrectly labelled as Venables and they protested, no news story just someone correcting a misapprehension. These are the original images shared on social media that caused the massive U.K. news story back in the early 00s 🤷🏻‍♂️


  7. callum finch says:

    I was reading a Twitter and was disgusted to read some stupid bitch had said that Denise was partly to blame kids are fast on their feet within a split second my little boy was his underneath a rack of clothes I went sick and hysterical because dirty filthy predators like that are set loose to prey on innocent little children where is the justice poor Denise he looks like he’s living the dream sick as owt for them the one who made this comment obviously does not have her own must be related to the freak little did I know that he had been in the vicinity of stHelens scared to let them play out how sad my heart goes out to them what a beautiful little boy.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Beyo says:

    The killing of James Bulger, you could at least try to explain it away with them not knowing better, being 10 years old.
    I mean, Robert Thompson at least seems to have learned his lesson.
    Jon Venables however, clearly hasn’t. There is no excuse for this child porn thing whatsoever and I hope he rots in jail and get’s denied parole in 2 years again. Some people really are born evil.


  9. sigh says:

    I hate this guy from my soul, especially for the fact that they trusted him to be in public again, and he harmed even more kids.

    But I also think that had he, and ALL other poor kids, had a better chance, maybe they wouldn’t have had that anger. It pisses me off that they got such special treatment, especially since lots of other kids don’t even have that, especially tutored education and therapy.

    NOT defending anyone, especially this pedo.

    It just makes me sad that so many many violent crimes stem from a capitalist society that shits on kids before they have a chance to be a kind kid, and eventually a kind adult.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. paul smith says:

    Jon venables is now 38 and living under a second new identity, Jon Venables will not be eligible for another review for at least two more years, he will be discovered eventually he is very dangerous to children, and it seems Robert has learned and hasn’t reoffended


  11. Harrison Bergeron says:

    Great question! It would have to be because Venables is happy to regularly pose for candids by someone who knows his identity. I find that so unlikely that I won’t even address how we could ascertain the credibility of someone who claimed to be that confidant.


    • Ralph Christian says:

      Not sure he’s the sharpest tool in the box. He’s blown his cover twice now, violated his parole by testing positive for drugs when he is randomly tested and then got caught with the type of material that relates to his original crime. The guy is clearly a bit dumb and doesn’t truly understand the serious nature of his situation or the work and money that goes into his own preservation.


  12. akin fernando says:

    I have a sense that he has moved into my street beginning of this year. Currently living solo but has had help moving his stuff in from few folks who I have yet to see again. I know this sounds like it could be anybody however this is gut feeling. I was not thinking anything to do with this case for YEARS but when that guy moved in earlier this year I noticed something didn’t look or feel right about it and him and thats who came to my mind and I have been curious since. I have seen him come and go about his days never interacting with anyone and now I am here to see what the latest news is on them. I don’t know anything about him. He stays in a 2 bedroom house in an estate in Scotland. Time may tell.


  13. Earlito says:

    Please share the messages threatening you to take this images down. As an American, I would get a good laugh at some third rate nation claiming they could police me.

    Thompson and this loser should both get the justice that is coming to them. I want to hear his last words, “I want my mom,” as I’m wrenching his body parts off.


    • Godabove09 says:

      “third rate nation”…lol

      If you think Britain is a third rate nation I dread to think what you call a first rate nation.


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